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Shameful Resignation

ASAP war room. ACN's videophone is already sitting there looking giant and clunky. Is it just me, or were you imagining an iPhone-style cell phone? Well, that's not this. Dionne has the idea to use her celebrity in the commercial. She'll be in the recording studio and her engineer will be somewhere else watching her on the videophone. Nene loves it, so does everyone else. Done! Backbone's meeting with the ACN executives to figure out what they should do. Lil Jon asks them what their demographic is, but they tell him not to get hung up on details. He thinks they're a little conservative, though. Then Jose asks them if they can go beyond this planet to communicating with aliens. Alien music plays as the guys look baffled, and then tell him they won't be the judges; their 450 leaders will. Then the execs meet with ASAP, who notices their use of the word "emotion" over and over again. After the executives leave, the ladies realize they have to change the concept to make it something about an emotional connection. They all agree. So ... not done.

Backbone. Lil Jon wants to be hip if his name's going to be on this. Meat Loaf suggests that to make it emotional and funny, they have a grandma call little Johnny and he's with a girl. Lil Jon takes it a step further to him wanting to introduce someone, and it's a dude. Everyone thinks it's a pretty fun, snappy ending. Lil Jon thinks it's funny, crazy, viral. But, you know, he's the one who just said the ACN guys are pretty conservative, so maybe he should rethink this? John Rich tries to bring up the point that they might think it's funny but they won't want to use this as their universal pitch. He interviews that the ACN guys drilled "emotion" into their heads, so this is a big gamble. "Lil Jon's a gambler."

ASAP. Marlee suggests having a deaf mother trying to call her daughter, who's in Paris, and they use the videophone to sign to each other. They all agree this will tug at the heart. Dionne says Nene's really good at delegating and is an excellent project manager. Which is not easy with this crew. Hope doesn't want to do graphics, for instance, and La Toya claims she can't see because she's had Lasik surgery. So Nene ask her to keep the time. Marlee, Nene, Star, and La Toya head out to casting. Dionne and Hope head to the prop house.

Backbone. Hatch and Mark are going to the prop and furniture house. They realize their gay theme could go good. Or not. And Mark's concerned about Busey being the grandpa, because it will be hard to rein in his crazy. The rest of Backbone is at casting, where they'll write, direct, and shoot the video. Lil Jon and Meat Loaf are working together to set up and direct the video, but Busey keeps interrupting, in character. He's totally Method. Meat Loaf and Lil Jon are losing their patience, especially Meat Loaf, who tells us that Busey has no consideration for other people's space. Cut to Lil Jon and Meat Loaf trying to talk as Busey runs up and touches both of them to ask a totally pointless question. Lil Jon says Busey can get distracting, but with people like him you have to learn to listen but not let them take you away from what you're doing. They have a bit of a spat, though I'm not sure Busey gets that they're arguing.

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