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Shameful Resignation

ASAP arrives at the studio to audition their supplemental actors. Nene's the video director and Marlee's assistant director. Marlee's stressed out that Hope and Dionne aren't there with props yet, because lighting can't set up until the furniture is here. The lighting guys ask what's up, and Marlee promises them Dionne and Hope are almost here. Cut to slow, slow, slow Hope and Dionne just shopping around, having fun. Nene calls Hope, who tells her they're about to leave the prop house. La Toya, whose job is to keep the time, is worried that they're running against the clock. Nene tells Marlee and Star that no one else on this team has any skills, so they're the only two people she can count on. Marlee and Star agree completely, even later in their interviews.

Backbone. Jose's getting dolled up to be the gay boyfriend of Busey's grandson. Hatch has to let them know what it looks like to be gay because he's the only gay guy. Hatch is sort of in love with Jose all gayed up, which is hilarious considering how much they hated each other in Week One. When the props arrive, Lil Jon hates the purple couch that Mark and Hatch brought back for the grandpa, because no grandma in the world would have a purple couch. Mark thinks it's pink, and his grandma has a pink couch. Anyway, too late, and WHO CARES? ASAP's prop crew finally arrives back, too, and Dionne gets all pissy when Marlee wants to help her put the props in place. What's weird about Dionne, though, is that she yells at Marlee's interpreter, Jack, instead of at Marlee. Nene interviews about how feisty and bitchy Dionne is.

Backbone's filming. It is actually a pretty funny video, because the grandson is like, "Hey, wanna meet my fiancee?" and then Jose comes in, all gayed up, and he's like, "Hola!" Jose tells us that his Twitter and Facebook are going to blow up, and his dad's going to kill him if he sees this. ASAP's filming, too. Nene's loving being a director. She says her favorite part is "Quiet on the set." Ironic. The actors in this commercial are a little cheesy, and they have to keep cutting when the French "host mom" Dionne comes in and says "Bonjour." They all wonder what time it is, and La Toya looks at her phone but can't figure out the time. Nene tells us how worthless La Toya is. She's sweet, says Nene, but can't figure out one plus one, let alone tell team. La Toya, on the other hand, wishes she had been given more responsibility because the women underestimate her. When Marlee comes on to the commercial, it actually does get pretty emotional when she signs to her daughter she loves her and misses her. Star says it was an opportunity to use one of their big, talented stars and then she raves about how awesome Marlee is. I can't disagree with that. The verdict is still out, but she's possibly my favorite contestant this season.

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