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Shameful Resignation

Backbone's filming their commercial when Ivanka shows up to observe. She asks what the punch line is, but Lil Jon doesn't want her to know. She says she respects that, but wants to make sure there's no male frontal nudity. She says later that it's a first for them not to tell her the punch line, but she realizes they're going for shock value. She says it's going to depend on whether ACN wants to stick with their usual emotional commercial or whether they want a surprise. Busey continues filming, and Meat Loaf cuts to tell him to really enunciate "A.C.N." Busey asks him if his timing was right, and then tells us that he's been doing this for forty years so he knows what he's doing. "What you see is what you get, but there's a lot of surprises in what you get when you take me." Busey accidentally does get a little male frontal nudity on camera since he's only wearing a bathrobe. He asks the actor playing the grandma if she saw "Big Wednesday," which he says is what his fiancee calls his "apparatus." Lil Jon and Mark, behind the camera, are shaking their heads. Because how can you not?

ASAP. They're on their way to editing, which has to be done by 10. Everyone wants to know what they're doing, even though Marlee and Nene are in charge. Dionne wants to go home, but Nene says it's a team effort. Dionne goes home to bed, because she feels she's the matriarch of the group and needs to lay down. Nene says she's not her babysitter, but if everyone else is sticking it out, so should she. "Nobody cares about her being a legend."

Backbone's also in the editing room. Meat Loaf loves it, but Lil Jon laughs, "We are some damn fools!" He realizes this is going to go over big and destroy the girls or go very badly. And he hopes he doesn't get fired. Don shows up to observe the ladies in the editing room. He picks up Star's dog, and wonders where Dionne is. Nene says she left, and he wonders if it was something for the task or she just left. Nene says she just decided to leave. Don says he saw a lot of cohesion in the team, except Dionne. But he also thinks that letting Dionne slide doesn't reflect well upon Nene's management style. Nene fills them in on who did what: Star was technical, Marlee and Nene were director and assistant director, La Toya was supposed to keep time but couldn't (which La Toya thinks was unfair, since she did keep up with the time; she thinks that was a low blow).

Next morning, ASAP's in the van on the way to the Millennium Hotel to present their commercial. Dionne doesn't think she missed anything by going home instead of editing. Backbone shows up, too. Lil Jon says they're going to bring energy and make this fun. Meat Loaf asks Lil Jon his presentation bullet points, and he says he's got it but doesn't give them any bullet points. He says this is hip, cool, and 2011. He wants to make them feel like if they don't like this video, they're some "square-ass BLEEPS." (I'm not sure what he wants to make them feel like.) ASAP. Star says that Nene wanted her to do the presentation, but she suggested Nene take some of it on, since she's the project manager. Nene starts to rehearse the presentation, but Star tells her she's being too sexy. There's some debate because Nene says sexy is one thing she's not. Then she interviews, "Who are you? WHO are you? I'm not waking up every morning, thinking like, 'Star was on The View. Oh, it's such a pleasure to work with her." I don't give a damn what show you've been on. At the end of the day, I could really give a fuck." (Yes, it was bleeped, but I understood this one.) You've really gotta love Nene for not being the least bit star-struck or deferential to these other people who are, for good or ill, more famous than she is.

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