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Shameful Resignation

An hour and seven minutes in to the episode, and it's finally almost presentation time. But first, Trump has to arrive to a drum roll and applause, as if he's the king of freaking England. WTF? Nene introduces her team, ACN, and Star, whose presentation is solid although not super engaging. But they're not judging them on presentation. They show the commercial. Girl in Paris talks to dad, introduces "host mother" Dionne. Mom Marlee comes in and says hello in sign language. When the commercial's over, everyone claps. Except Trump. He pays people to clap for him. Star thinks they knocked it out of the park.

Backbone's turn. Jose thinks their commercial is terrific, but pushed it to the extreme, so it could be one of the biggest blunders in ACN history. Lil Jon comes out and gets people all excited, yelling "ACN!" Then he makes a joke about drinking shots with the executives. And, finally, tells them how cool this commercial is -- that it's the Super Bowl commercial of ACN commercials. Busey unwraps the videophone from their grandson, Tommy. Then he and his wife call up Tommy, who introduces his fiancee, Pablo. The room dies laughing, and everyone claps, even Trump. The teams leave, and the room gets to vote using an electronic dial. Lil Jon feels that they left them with a high that the girls team didn't leave them with.

Trump meets with the ACN executives, Greg and Mike, who say the men did a phenomenal job, mentioning the word viral and getting people really engaged and interested. The women took the task to heart, with strong emotional appeal. The execs say that the 450 ACN leaders were devastated that someone had to lose, but the winners is...

Boardroom time. Trump shows up and tells them that both teams did a really great job. He tells Lil Jon what a great stage presence he has. Lil Jon says that's what he does every weekend. Trump asks Hatch what he thinks, and Hatch says he feels they won, because they all felt that it came together. Trump asks how Lil Jon is as a leader, and Hatch says he's the best. He manages beautifully, brilliantly, tasks people, and organizes. Trump asks if Hatch would say that their subject matter is a little risqué, but Hatch thinks it was timely, modern, hip, and memorable. Trump asks Hatch if he thinks they could have lost for being too risky. Hatch doesn't think that. Trump asks if anyone thinks it was too risqué. Lil Jon says he thought about it, but he's been in business many years and he notices that the people who succeed are the people who take chances. He says ACN's commercials are all the same, and they came here to get something new. Lil Jon says he knew he was taking a chance with this.

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