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Shameful Resignation

Trump asks Don and Ivanka what the AC executives said (even though we saw that they told Trump who won... I guess he needs to give his kids something to do). Don says they thought the women's commercial was heartfelt, they thought Marlee was great, and they liked the brand integration. Ivanka says they loved the men's sense of humor, the capacity for it to go viral, and that was very creative. He asks if they want to know the results, and Nene gets teary again. Trump says the vote was very close, and they liked both of them a lot. One was very solid and catered to the core audience, the other was a little dangerous and risqué. He says the vote was 53 percent to 47 percent, in favor of the men. Lil Jon's charity will get $40,000 for his charity, the United Methodist Children's Home. Trump sends the guys back to the suite to relax and watch the women fight. Because, despite doing a wonderful job, one of them will be fired.

Back in the suite, Lil Jon's whooping it up about winning money for his charity. Then they turn to the TV to watch the women. Star says she's surprised the team has lost three week in a row since they come together on these tasks. Trump says they clearly didn't come together, since Star attacked La Toya and Dionne. Trump asks La Toya who's the weakest player. She says it's a difficult question, because he's dealing with a lot of headstrong players on this team. Star says there's no question that Hope and La Toya have been more followers than leaders. Trump says they haven't been project managers, so they haven't had to be leaders. La Toya says that when something is delegated to her, she does what she's asked to do. Trump asks Marlee who doesn't contribute, and she says La Toya. Trump's surprised. Marlee says La Toya's very quiet and humble. La Toya says that being quiet doesn't mean you're not doing a good job. Trump asks Nene who the team can do without, and she says Dionne, who gets major bitchface at that response. Nene says she likes Dionne a lot and respects her, but she left during the task. That, and the other girls are afraid of her. They all agree it's respect. Ivanka asks if it's a stamina issue or indifference. Dionne says she'd done everything she was supposed to do. Ivanka tells her that her team doesn't agree. Dionne says that someone should have told her to stay. Trump says that she did leave, and it doesn't seem like she asked for approval. She says she did ask for approval, but Nene again says she should have known it wasn't okay to leave. Dionne says that if she's not willing to make her stay, she's not really a project manager.

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