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Lesson Nine: Your Life Is Not The Truman Show

Rebecca hops through the door and straight back into the suite for a debrief, ignoring Capital Edge altogether, because she's hardcore. Felisha welcomes them, to no avail that we see, and Clay and Alla have a neutral moment where they agree on the WTF of yet another double-cobra. It is kind of tense.

Rebecca and Randal sit down and get professional and intense with each other. Rebecca calls it a "sobering Boardroom," and Randal agrees, saying he expected Brian to leave. We don't, however, get to see Rebecca's post-Boardroom thoughts on the whole Darth Markus situation with Marshawn, which I was interested in seeing. She says that her "biggest concern" is maintaining the dynamic that all two of them "currently have." She tells Randal, and he nods knowingly, that she knows "what it was like to be on a team where the objective was to betray in order to advance, on some level or another." Yeah, so does Randal, Little Miss "networking is for the boring and the dead." But her point is valid: Alla has perfected the art of hands-free ruination, Felisha will more than likely fall down like a dead Pinocchio if more than ten yards from Alla, and nobody can even remember Adam's name. The thing is that they've both worked with the Bloven, and they're both scared of the remaining members, but Randal is the only one of the two to have worked with Clay, so he's the only one who gets to be scared of that too.

Capital Edge is debriefing as well, now that they know the score. Clay is staring petulantly up at Alla from the bed as she tries, once again, to explain the concept of "other people," "it's just business," and other things Clay is not prepared to understand. "We could be a strong team if we could get you over your personal feelings," she says, which is a bit condescending, but Clay's belief that he is six years old takes the sting out of that mighty quick: "…The personal feelings that were put on me?" Again, this is said for effect, which is irritating, but not as irritating as the content: you mean the feelings you made me feel by not fawning over my inability to work productively?

Adam ruins Alla's flow by taking issue with the wording there: "'Put on you'?" Clay hisses, "Well, you don't have to like it! I don't like the way you've worded anything you've said about me." Which things included such hate-filled diatribes as "I do not vote for exemption" and "please don't joke about my racial background." I know it's rough, dude. That Adam is a real viper. Adam looks at Felisha like, "I don't even know what to do here." Alla tries to move beyond this bump, because she was willing to agree with the bullshit "put on me" statement in order to underscore the idea of moving forward. An idea Clay will never understand. He shrugs like this all of this is completely beyond his control.

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