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Painting By Numbers

Stephen also works the phones, begging people to "come buy a piece of art from Stevie B. tonight." Because when you think of art, you think of a guy who wants you to call him "Stevie B."

Piers is also working his phone, and he gets Gordon Ramsay on the phone. Ramsay is never shown on camera, but you can tell it's really him by all the bleeping. Piers interviews that his goal is to not only get Omarosa off the show, but out of reality TV entirely. To which I can only say one thing: Godspeed, Mr. Morgan.

Omarosa pulls Stephen off the phone so he can research the artists, but she's not impressed when he admits that he can't research the internet and talk to people at the same time. "You can't multitask?" she asks imperiously. Multitasking is one thing, but reading and learning at the same time you're talking and listening? I've never been able to get away with that, unless it was a conference call with ten other people and I could drop off for minutes at a time without anyone noticing. Shut up, Omarosa.

At the gallery, Hasson shows Hydra their space, which is in the back room, while Empresario's space is in the front. Empresario arrives soon after, and as the two teams try to get set up in such a way as to minimize or maximize traffic to the back room (depending on which team they're on, obviously), Stephen keeps coming up with excuses to come and hang around while Piers makes phone calls and sends emails. In an interview, Piers accuses Stephen of cheating, which would be pretty rich of him after the whole Vincent Pastore debacle. Except then he says, "I have no problem with Stephen Baldwin cheating. I just wish he'd admit it and stop pretending it's on a different moral base to me." And that's kind of awesome. Piers is an asshole, but he's also usually right. But then he wrecks it by telling Stephen to quit cutting through the Hydra gallery to get to the restroom, and threatening to hit him if he does it again. Let me just categorically say that I abhor violence in all forms, and there would have to be very extreme circumstances indeed in order for me to condone hitting or even threatening to hit someone who is not Stephen Baldwin. So I guess Piers and I are still cool, actually.

The teams rush to get the art hung up. Empresario debates whether to hang up informational stickers next to the pieces they're trying to sell. Trace and Omarosa want to keep them off so they can be in control of the pricing (read: not let the patrons know how much they're being gouged for), but Stephen thinks they have to put them up, and Hasson agrees with him. Hasson also issues the teams strips of little red "sold" stickers to put on the stickers when they make a sale. These will be important later. Unless (spoiler alert!) you're in Empresario.

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