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Painting By Numbers

Board room. Trump asks Hydra how they think they did, and they all agree that they did very well. When Trump asks Empresario the same question, Omarosa has to admit that they only sold four paintings the whole night. She flails for a moment, and then Trump puts them out of their misery by asking for the results. Ivanka is almost embarrassed to say that Hydra earned $164,000 from 14 out of 20. "That's awesome," Omarosa admits. And Empresario sold three out of sixteen (not four). And according to Don, Jr., they earned $7,000. Shit, man, that is a fucking rout.

Omarosa tries to say that her contacts can't afford expensive art, and Don, Jr. doesn't even let her off the hook for that, since she went for the cheapest art and still couldn't move any. "This is the biggest slaughter in the history of The Apprentice," Trump declares, and since this is my first season, I'll just have to take his word that no team has ever beaten another by a factor of 23. Piers smirks. "This was personal," he says. He has a rule of never get mad, get even, but he got mad at Omarosa and lost his cool. So now he got even. And part of it, he says, is that this is The Celebrity Apprentice, which to Piers means that you work your celebrity contacts, and Omarosa doesn't have any. He says she's there by default. Omarosa tries to talk over him, saying that by questioning her presence he's questioning Trump's judgment. Piers waits for her to finish, and then asks Trump to not only fire Omarosa, but another member of Empresario to wipe them out. Trump asks Omarosa why he shouldn't. She makes the mistake of saying the men have done well, and Carol speaks up to say that she sold $37,000 on her own -- five times what Empresario sold in total (Even though Don, Jr. says it's only four times more. I'm sure those math skills serve him well in high-powered negotiations). Trump asks for Piers's recommendation on who the second firee from Empresario should be, and Piers says Stephen for being the only one on the team to not sell anything in at all. Trump asks Omarosa why she lost, and she doesn't make any excuses. Not good enough for Piers, who wants Omarosa to fall on her sword right there. Ivanka carves a couple of more chunks out of Omarosa for trying to blame her sales team, and Piers, not satisfied to have kicked Omarosa's ass clear to Hoboken, actually objects to the word "loss." "This was a catastrophe of biblical proportions," he insists. Trump loves a sore winner, so Hydra is dismissed. But before leaving to watch the carnage on the video monitor in the suite, Piers wants to know how much of the money they raised is profit for his charity, which is nice of him. And then when he hears it's about 51 grand, he gets up to leave, asking Trump, "Make it nasty, will you?" So much for nice. He's already waving goodbye to Omarosa as he hurries back to the suite.

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