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Painting By Numbers

Back from the ads, Trump asks Stephen to explain himself. Omarosa says that Stephen has never brought in any money on any of the tasks, according to the men. He's only won twice as PM. Quit making me defend Stephen Baldwin, Omarosa. I don't like it. Stephen makes the mistake of complaining to Trump that his friends showed up and got poached by Hydra instead of buying from him. Because nothing impresses a guy like Donald Trump more than telling him the other team ate your lunch. Trump asks them what they think of Piers's idea of firing two people, and remarks that Piers and Stephen appear to have worked out their differences. Omarosa brings up the fact that Piers threatened to "kick Stephen's ass," as she misquotes him. "He threatened to hit me," Stephen corrects. "I did say that, yeah," Piers mildly agrees from the suite. Heh. Omarosa says that Piers was a formidable opponent as a result of being fired up. "He was fired up because of you," Trump reminds her. Ivanka asks if Omarosa hurt herself by getting into it with Piers, and she defends herself, saying, "When a man calls you a tramp, a bitch, and a whore..." "I never called her a whore!" Piers protests. More to the point is that she started it. Omarosa still doesn't regret the things she said to Piers, because the thinks -- get this -- that Piers is in the closet. "Unbelievable," Piers says. Omarosa explains: Piers has been having the guys take their shirts off for tasks whenever possible, she reminds everyone. Trump is of course deeply offended on Piers's behalf, because the worst thing you can say about someone in Trump's world is that he's a ho-mo-sexual. So he invites Piers back into the board room to "defend himself." And stupid Piers gets up, buttons his jacket, and says, "Tell him I'm on my way." Oh, Piers, you idiot. That's what she wants. We go to commercial on the board room door swinging closed behind Piers.

But then, after the ads, Piers marches into the board room, saying, "I just want to do one thing." Stomping up behind Omarosa with apparent intent, he instead plants one on Trace's cheek and calls him a "beautiful cowboy." And leaves. Okay, that was awesome.

Carol and Lennox love it back in the suite, and even Omarosa laughs. Trace just sits there like his career has just ended. "Never kiss a cowboy," Piers says from the suite, realizing that Trace is actually upset. Oh, suck it up, tough guy.

Trump asks Stephen what he thinks, and he reminds everyone that Omarosa said at the beginning that she lost this task in the first season, and he thinks the PM is responsible for the loss. Oops, excuse me, the "catastrophe of Biblical proportions." Trace says that the people who showed up for him didn't ever have any intention of buying art, and admits that he thought he could do better than the two he sold. Trump asks for Don, Jr.'s opinion, and he's pretty disappointed with Stephen, and the fact that this is Omarosa's third loss as PM. As for Ivanka, she thinks Omarosa was already defeated when she walked in. Trump agrees, and fires her. Stephen and Trace escape unscathed. "That one was obvious," Trump post-mortems.

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