Pandora's Box

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Box of tricks

Everybody leaves. Erin manages not to give the meaningful boob-flash this time, wouldn't you know it? Trump fired her, boobs for you! The Apprenti adjourn to the lobby. Chris and Angie, up. Erin, down. And she deserves it, too. She and her red suit and white shoes and pink rolly-case. Trump says in the Boardroom that Erin is "too much of a wise guy" and "uncontrollable." He emphasizes that he thinks they all sucked, but George and Carolyn both think he made the right decision in getting rid of Erin. Outside, Erin gets into her taxi. Bye bye, baby! As a former beauty queen, I will not miss you.

In her taxi interview, Erin says that she was doomed by "inability to use a power saw." Seriously? Not the point. Way to not pay any attention to what just happened.

Next week: Chris is crazy! Pizza! Alex! And did we mention...Chris is crazy?

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