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Carolyn is all over the dynamic here as she tells Erin that nobody ever brought up the tobacco, so this whole thing is kind of foolish. Chris jumps back in, asking Carolyn if she sees how "vindictive" Erin is. Trump, however, continues grilling Chris about what he does with the tobacco juice, because he really wants to know, and Chris tries to say it's not relevant. Of course, Erin keeps talking and talking about how it's relevant because it's not professional, and Trump tells Chris again that he really doesn't want a guy out representing him who's spitting indiscriminately. Chris ultimately acknowledges that at times, he does indeed swallow it, and Carolyn goes, "Ugh," and covers her eyes, which is sort of awesome. Erin goes back to harping on Chris and the tobacco, and Carolyn says, "I think it's very convenient what you're doing." Word. Erin goes back to saying that Chris "uses foul language and chews tobacco. Unacceptable!"

Trump goes back to Stephanie, whom he was trying to talk to a second ago, and asks her who's responsible for the loss. Stephanie says it's Angie, and tries to say a little bit more, but Trump basically shuts her down at that point. Trump asks Angie who gets to go back upstairs to the suite, and Angie tries initially to choose herself, but ultimately, she chooses Stephanie. So Chris and Erin and Angie will be enjoying the final table together. Erin's push away from the table really does, as the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters noted, appear to be a total cleavage flash at Trump, which is totally gross. Shades of, like...Heidi. And you know how that makes me feel.

In the Boardroom, Carolyn tells Trump she thinks Angie was the only one who really did anything, and "carried this team." To a loss, but still. George agrees that Angie was good, even though she may have made some flawed choices. Trump brings the candidates back in. He asks Angie whether she thinks she did a poor job, and Angie admits that she thinks she could have done better. Trump tells her that he thinks she did badly, but George and Carolyn are really siding with her, so he's probably not going to fire her unless she says something dumb. Erin jumps in about how she's been "a consistent player throughout this whole experience," and how she finds it "convenient" (there's that word again) to blame her. "Chris," Trump says, because he loves pokin' the crazy, "one minute to save your life." Chris says first that he worked his hardest on the task. "But don't you think that Erin's better than you, Chris?" Trump asks. Chris rails that she most certainly isn't. He says she just sounds better, because she's a lawyer. And he's probably played that card enough at this point. "But isn't she tougher and smarter?" Trump asks. "She's absolutely not tougher or smarter," Chris says. "I'm tougher and smarter!" Erin chirps. Chris says he doesn't think it's all that tough or smart not to work as hard as you can on a task like this. Ooh, point! Erin takes a new tack, saying, "Chris needs adult supervision 24/7." She points out his temper and, again, the lack of professionalism, and says that the team failed because of Angie's bad decisions and Chris's inability to work unsupervised. Or something.

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