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Nighttime in the boardroom. Trumplets and candidates sit down, then King Trump joins them. He asks Anand about their theme and who came up with it. Anand tells him about the chariots, and says he wanted to separate themselves. He says it was Clint's idea, and that Clint's a strong player. He says he's very confident in the job their team did, and he thinks they won. Trump asks Clint how they did, and he says he thinks they may have "pulled one out," but he wants to throw David under the bus anyway. He says David's the most classic, schizophrenic human he's ever met. He "cannot find his bottom in the bathtub." He begs Trump to rid them of David before they go any further.

Trump thinks that's very strong, but Steuart completely agrees and says they've nicknamed David the virus. He says he thinks they've won, but they're three against six, not four against six. Anand agrees that it's been almost impossible to micromanage David in a task like this when they're so outnumbered. David says he knew they didn't like or respect him, and the feeling's mutual. Clint begs him to help them, whether they win, lose or draw. Trump says the game's not played that way. "If you win, I can't fire David." Ivanka asks David what he'll do to mend this if they do win, and he says he can make amends but it's whether the other guys will accept it. He says he can change for what he wants, and he wants to win this. He smart-asses that he can put up with these people for that, and Trump point out that wasn't exactly an apology. Clint and David fight some more, with Clint calling David "loopy" and "nuts." Which is totally mild, but David tells him to watching his words. Whatever.

Trump finally turns to Kelly, who says their team dynamic is "obviously" better than the guys', and that their theme, "Babes on Bikes," was collaborative, but Brandy came up with it initially. Trump asks Brandy about it, but she credits the whole team, saying they all agreed they hadn't used sex appeal to their advantage. Trump asks Eric what he noticed, and he says there were some people doing a lot and others definitely doing less. He says Brandy and Poppy were working hard at selling and pedaling, but Kelly wasn't doing as much selling even though she failed her license. She disagrees with him about selling, saying they just have different strategies for selling. Trump asks Kelly who was weakest, and she says that, overall, Liza. He asks why, and instead of being honest and saying she's an easy answer because they all hate her, she says Liza's been exposed to this type of business environment the least. Liza disagrees, because she has worked and had her own business.

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