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lice of pepperoni, and then interviews that he wishes they'd focused more on quality than volume. Curtis says their pizza was great, too, so now he has to decide. He has to send eight pizzas from the winning team to a firehouse, where they'll find out they're getting $35,000 for them. But they won't know what amount until they deliver the pies.

Star puts Lisa and Marlee in charge of making deliveries. They're sort of embarrassed to deliver one order that's only $300, because Star said they wouldn't deliver any orders of less than $1,000. But she's in charge, so they'll do it. Back at ASAP, they get another order from one of Star's friends, who wants forty pizzas for $1,000 each. She actually starts crying, and Nene gives them big hugs, too. Star says she doesn't think she'll ever be able to thank them.

Then Curtis calls them and asks to deliver eight pizzas to a firehouse. He says there will be a sizeable donation waiting. With a line out the door and all these deliveries, Star decides to close the pizzeria to focus on the big-money deliveries. Nene's not sure that locking the doors is the right idea, and could mean them losing the task. Star calls and asks if they can accept twenty pizzas instead of forty, and they say they'll accept just one. Now Star needs to get the deliverers back with the van, so she calls them and tells them they're wasting time and to get back now. Lisa and Marlee can't believe how rude she is with no explanation. There's such bad traffic in New York that they can't get anywhere quickly. Marlee laughs at Lisa venting about being sent out on a $300 order.

The Jo(h)ns are delivering their pizzas, too, and they had a $3,000 limit, so they're also delivering only to their big-money guys. Hatch hates that David takes smoke breaks while they're raising money for charity. While he's outside, he calls his daughter, Katie Cassidy, who's working on Gossip Girl. He asks her to come over, but she says she's on the set. He knows there's little chance she'll be able to come over, since he's done plenty of TV in his day. Marlee and Lisa arrive back at ASAP to find the pizza place closed. Lisa says Star was rattled, and panicked. Star puts the eight pizzas for the firehouse into Lisa's bag, and the $40,000 pizza. Star's screaming at them that they need to try to make it. Latoya helps them deliver. Star yells at them to make that $40,000. They're in traffic, of course, and racing the clock to make their last deliveries. They make it to the $40,000, and feel great about it, but are running out of time to deliver the pizzas to the firehouse in Chelsea. There's a guy waiting out front of the firehouse for them as they're still fighting traffic.

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