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Trump asks who raised the most money, and Mark says he thinks it was John Rich. Ivanka says she's a little surprised, because it seemed like there was great harmony when she came to observe them. Jose says that was a faƧade because they were concentrating on the task so they didn't take time to bring it up. Ivanka asks if he blames himself for not having articulated this. She says David's the only one who said anything. David says he didn't want to show up in the boardroom and say it; he wanted to say it then, and he says that Hatch did apologize for it. Trump asks David if he was a little embarrassed about it, and about saying that he touched him but won't touch Jose. Trump says that if he were David he probably wouldn't say it. Hatch says he doesn't recall ever pushing him, nor would he. Trump says he's just watching Jose, who he thinks would like to beat the shit out of Hatch. Jose says that's correct.

Trump asks Busey if Hatch was a bad leader, and Busey says he did the best he could. Trump asks what Busey did as the Pepperoni Profit, and he explains his suit and his hair looking like he got hit by lightning. He says he had the menus in his hand and then he performs his preacher yelling here in the boardroom for the Trumps. Back in the suite, the ladies laugh and clap and Star says, "Ladies and gentlemen, Academy Award nominated actor, Gary Busey!" Trump asks Hatch what they're going to do with him, since there are people who don't like him at all. Plus, the case can be made that, as project manager, he should get fired. Hatch agrees, but he says he'll fight to stay because he believes he managed the team well. Trump asks if his team was trying to get rid of him, that they lost on purpose. Hatch says he'd say that, but he doesn't think Jose's doing it for strategy; he takes him at his word. Trump asks why? Does Hatch not think Jose's that smart? Hatch confirms that, and Trump asks Jose how he responds. Jose says Hatch won't be here long anyway. Hatch says that if others had come to him and expressed that he was too gruff or mean, picking on little people... David cuts in and says he's not a little person. The women are freaking out that he called David a little person.

Hatch says that David's a little sensitive and a little delicate, and Ivanka points out that he did call him little, sensitive, and delicate -- things most men don't like to be called -- and he did it over the course of ten seconds. Hatch, totally tone deaf, says he meant no disrespect; he meant delicate emotionally. David just laughs and puts his head in his hand. Because, really, how can you not? Hatch says personalities matter when you're managing people, and he tried. Trump asks Lil Jon who he would fire. Lil Jon says everyone busted their asses, and Trump asks who didn't. Hatch says he doesn't think David did. Both Jose and David ask Hatch if he's kidding. Hatch says that David took eight or ten breaks in a four-hour period, when no one else took breaks. Hatch says Jose didn't bring in ten cents. Trump asks Busey who he'd fire, and he says, without hesitation, "Richard." Then adds, for effect, "Hatch." Trump: "Yeah, I figured you meant him." Rich and Meat Loaf also say Hatch. Hatch says he thought he did a great job managing people, and he's sorry if he offended people. It was the risk he took being first project manager.

Trump says that he's very early into Celebrity Apprentice, but asks him which one is harder, this or Survivor. Hatch says they're very different games, because he was literally in control of who left on Survivor, and here it's all in Trump's hands. He says he did the best he could to show Trump how he can be effective. Trump asks him to bring two people back into the boardroom, and one of the three will be fired. Hatch chooses David and Jose, and Trump's not surprised. All the other guys get to go back to the suite. The ladies have to turn off their TV now, but they all know Hatch is leaving. They think Jose's going to punch him out, though, and Lisa kind of wants to see it. In the boardroom waiting room, Jose tells Hatch not to ever underestimate his intelligence. Ever. Hatch calmly says his perception is that it's not where Jose thinks it is because of the way he called him out for lying, which Hatch says he doesn't do. Jose says he's glad Hatch and others underestimate him. "That's perfect."

After some commercials, David tells Jose in the lobby how much respect he's gained for him and how intelligent he is, with so much integrity. Jose appreciates it. Huh. I wonder if they'll gang up on Hatch in the boardroom? Please don't make me root for the asshole. Trump calls them back in, and asks Hatch why he should fire Jose or David. Hatch says it would be a real mistake to fire him, because if he really understood the dynamics of what took place, he'd recognize an efficient operation. Trump butts in, "But you lost." Hatch acknowledges it, but says Jose didn't raise a single penny. Jose looks creepy with his blue contacts. Trump reminds Hatch he previously said that Jose was working hard, so he can't call him out now for not raising money. But Trump turns to David and asks why he didn't raise money, since he's a star with friends. David says he did raise money, and Hatch says his daughter brought in $1,000. Trump asks who Hatch would fire: David or Jose. Hatch says he'd fire David over Jose, because he was more difficult to manage. Trump asks him if that's why he got physical with him. Hatch says he didn't think he got physical with him, but if he did that's probably why.

Ivanka says that Jose called David an underdog, and asks if that's how he perceived him in the context of the team. Jose says he said that because Hatch had it out for David. Hatch says he just felt that David needed more guidance, because there was a lot of whining. Ivanka laughs, and says, "whining, delicate..." Trump says that David was whining, and he shouldn't be, since he's a big star, bigger than these other two "in a certain way." Hatch says that's what he means by having to manage him differently. He says David is a star and is used to a little more coddling, perhaps, which he doesn't mean disrespectfully, of course. Hatch says if he had been told that he was being offensive, he would have adjusted.

Trump says he has a lot of respect for David, but then asks Jose if he thinks David is tough enough to go against Hatch, who's a pretty tough guy. Jose says "Definitely," but Don says he wouldn't see that from his perspective, with the levels of energy. He says he's watching David get killed by Hatch right now, and he wonders if David can go the length of this game. David ho-hums, "Oh, I have no intention of quitting," as Hatch forcefully says, "I want to be here." He says he wants to manage again. Don says he can see that; he just can't see it from David. Trump asks Hatch about the breaks David took, and Hatch again says David took an awful lot of them. Trump asks if that's true, and David says no, then asks Jose if he did. Jose: "Nope." David: "Thank you." Ivanka asks David why he's deferring to Jose, when it comes to standing up for himself. David says Hatch is lying. Ivanka points out what he did, by answering then deferring. David says they were working side by side.

Trump asks David what he has to say, and he doesn't say anything, so Hatch jumps in, "Mr. Trump, he doesn't have anything to say." David slowly says, "That's the last time, in this room, you're going to lie and insult me." Hatch tells David he doesn't have enough to say to contribute to what they're here to do. Jose asks if he can sit beside Hatch. David tells Hatch to be quiet and not interrupt. Hatch says the floor is his. David says Hatch is an egomaniac, a complete control freak, and disrespectful. Trump says Hatch is disrespectful to David. David says Hatch is trying to save his ass, and he's jealous. David says he couldn't have done more for Hatch. Hatch says he wasn't working for him; he was working for charity. David says that, when he took breaks ... Trump jumps in to point out, astutely, th

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