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Lesson Two: Be The Good Kind Of Gay

Aaron, Nicole, and Stefani discuss pricing, and Nicole interviews that it's essential to the task that everybody agree on pricing, for some reason. Michelle says, awkwardly and begging the question, that she doesn't "feel comfortable" giving a price when there was a whole segment of the team that did actual research into it. Of course, she says it so strangely that everybody thinks the same word at the same second, and that word is "boardroom," and I don't even think she meant it like that. Nicole accepts this, because Michelle is simply unmotivatable, having these opinions and convictions and standing by them all the time, but Carey tries to start a fight with her about it. "Interesting time for Michelle to not have an opinion," he cracks, in the interview, and says it's clear to him that she's avoiding responsibility. In the room, Michelle reiterates that they've already got the numbers and can figure it out easily enough without asking people who have no information on any of those things. It's reasonable, but because everybody else is looking just as hard for a scapegoat as they think she's looking for an out, this strikes everybody as suspicious. Carey most of all, because she gets on his nerves. He interrupts her giving an opinion -- that they should be priced differently from each other -- to bitch about how she doesn't have an opinion, and Michelle is weird, and Carey is weird, and basically it's a big drama that is worthless and results more than anything from the inability of these people to communicate with one another because they're so busy blaming everybody else for not communicating properly. In fact everything is fine. Except the pink paisley man-panties, but there's no PM to take care of that this week, and the only person who has been vocal about them is Michelle, whom Nicole has decided is a bitch because she said the right thing too many times, instead of going along with the group's idiotic ideas like a good PM should.

And that's... all we see of the task. In the van on the way to the show, there's a bit in the webisode where Marisa spills her cappuccino on the bathing suits. Which is bad news, but what's really bad news is the deft and practiced way that Heidi makes her feel like complete, utter, total shit while saying calming, sweet, managerial things about how they'll work it out. I would do the same thing, but it's a particular kind of Connecticut Throwdown in which I was already kind of scared Heidi was skilled. She goes a bit far with it, because the fact is that it happened and it's over and they need to deal with it.

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