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Lesson Two: Be The Good Kind Of Gay

Michelle says she would fire Carey, because... Trump finishes for her, because this boardroom is so over: "He just did a bad job." She agrees. Carey again starts to whine about how, "ultimately," they approved his bad job, which is not doing yourself a favor, and Trump takes out a desk pen. "I do this because this suit is really gross, okay," he says, and produces the suit. Which gives me pause for several reasons. Number one being, "the suit" is gross? Because it's pink, or because it's unlined -- which is valid, even though it's not like he wore it jogging, still I wouldn't be in love with touching it -- or what? Because later on Trump touches the suit, so he is able at some point to reconcile himself with the "grossness" of the suit, but at the same time everybody in that room is on the same page as far as how the suit is Carey, in this boardroom. Not wanting to touch the suit is not wanting to touch Carey's "gross" business. Again, this is not overt and it's not hateful, but it's weird, and it's off, and really inappropriate, and could be coming from a million different places, but all of them are places we've visited with Trump before. All of them are about the hologram, in some way.

Nicole laughs, Michelle laughs, Carey laughs, Nicole claps it's so hilarious. Heidi: "That's a men's suit?"

"Why would any man wear this suit?" Any real man, he means. Any official man. Because what just happened there is that Donald Trump asked a man he saw wearing the suit what kind of a man would wear the suit. He just gave Carey the X of not being a real person, right there. And Carey's answer is coming from that place: "Mr. Trump, there is a marketplace for this suit. I kid you not." I exist. You're looking at me. I'm in the same room with you, right now, looking you in the face, and you're asking who? "I wish you guys could understand me," he says. If wishes were bathing suits we could all go to the beach and look at each other's junk in minute detail, but that's not how it works. "There is a marketplace for this suit. I didn't invent this concept," he says. Who did? Other people that don't count. "Who is going to wear that suit?" Trump asks again. "There are a lot of men who would wear this suit," Carey insists. They exist. Those men are real. Ivanka asks if there's enough of a population to support giving it to a group of buyers, which is at once a very different and the very same question Trump asked. She explains that there are only three options, so making one of those three unnecessarily narrow was stupid. "That's like 1% of the male population," Trump asserts. From 0% to 1%. That's how many now. "I'm a pretty wild guy, I mean, I have a certain taste that I think is a little bit out there?" You're not fucking kidding. "I would never wear a suit with a lotta pink in it." Valid. Speaking from your own experience, you're never wrong. If you're talking about yourself. "And I would say -- I'm not a fashion person, but -- I know that suit doesn't sell." Valid. Carey: "I personally like this suit, but if this suit wasn't right for the team, it would have been X'd, I would have started over. I never push anything. If you did not like it... " Trump asks Michelle if she felt that the giant black man, whose giant gay penis was nearly visible to them all earlier today, if she felt "that he ram-rodded that down everybody's throat," and she replies that she "absolutely felt he ram-rodded it down our throats from the very beginning." Carey complains, because he honestly thinks he did not force this issue, because Nicole "motivated" him to think it was okay, because she wasn't doing her fucking job. "I'm not ram-rodding... " he says." You really liked it!" says Trump. "Even with me, you're trying to convince me that suit sells." No, he's not. He knows it was a dumb design and that he ignored the team consensus about that, which was his prerogative as someone other than the PM. He's not trying to convince you it sells, he's trying to convince you he's alive. "And I don't think it sells! That suit, I can tell you, is a loser. On this task you did a horrible job." True, all of it true. Except he fucked up his job which was a small part of the task, whereas Nicole fucked up her job, which was the entire task. I hope she goes home next week.

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