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Lesson Two: Be The Good Kind Of Gay

Aaron interviews that two of the men's suits are short, tight trunk cuts. "The suits that Carey wears are probably not the suit that most of the guys in America wear." True, and I am with Aaron, because most of the guys in America are A) not in shape and B) not interested in having their goodies on the shelf for sale. And yeah, it's a gay thing, but not the gay thing Aaron betrays with his next eye-rolling statement in the van, about how they are both allowed to have opinions, but Aaron's is the "straight male" one. Which is also right, but there's a spin on it and the spin is this: Carey's style is not the gay style, it's a gay style. It's unnecessarily limited, and has no mainstream appeal, and that's all you have to say. Saying it's unappealing because it's gay is... an ugly simplification that skips most of the valid dots instead of connecting them, or -- since we're all adults -- leaving them unconnected because we're all on the same page. This episode is less about which stereotypes are valid, and more about which stereotypes are okay. (Hint: "maybe sometimes, but never good to say aloud"; and "no.")

Deleted scene in which everybody runs around at the fabric store. Just like Project Runway! Maybe nobody will notice, since "most Americans" don't watch that gay show. (Hey, this is easy!) Heidi explains that Turk has a really big following and upscale Hollywood clients. Jenn points out that they need to spend time looking at the details, the embellishments and the exact colors, beyond the casual view of cut and general theme. Heidi notes -- awesomely -- that "shorts are long right now." Jenn interviews that it's important not to mess up the message Trina wants to send with her fashion. Turk explains that she's inspired by Southern California beach culture, its lifestyle, and its architecture. She claims her fashions are "upbeat and optimistic in feeling." Jenn notes that she's not conservative or serious, but fun and different. I get that you have to inhale the weird vague cloud of design sensibility this way, because clothing isn't words, but the words are always funny. Like, "Could you show me to the dour, conservative, serious, boring swimwear? I've got this funeral and I'm having hell tracking down the right bikini."

Nicole interviews how Aaron and Carey had the passion for the men's suits; I think it's more like Carey had the "passion" and Aaron had the "racemus phobia," but whatever. Nicole then decided to just put the guys on men's suits and the women on the women's suits. Carey claims he actually ended up designing I think five of the six anyway, and I'm inclined to believe him at least on that score. Aaron pushes I think the black and white fabric we'll see later, and Nicole resists because it's not in the color scheme. She interviews about how "collaboration is hard," and we see her laughing about the short-short suit. Michelle worries that it's not quite "Trina Turk" enough, and Carey fights her on it, interviewing how terrible it is when you're in "a creative moment" and somebody bags your idea: "I wish I could fucking strangle this person!" Which...everybody responds to her that way, but it's worth mentioning this specific time. Michelle asks the obvious, which is why on Earth a buyer would get those in bulk when it's a very specific kind of thing, and he tells her, exasperatedly, that it's a "Plan B," but as we see, it's also a "Plan A" and just nearly the "Plan C," so... shut him down. Now is the time. Project Manager? Is there a Project Manager around? Michelle assures Aaron that it's going to be okay: "There will be plenty of other options." She has no way of knowing how terribly wrong she is about that. You know who does? The Project Manager.

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