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Lesson Two: Be The Good Kind Of Gay

Kinetic: Five seconds of talking about the colors and embellishments. Jenn describes their line as "beachwear kicked up a notch," which makes me giggle, and Aimee (who?) comes out wearing a cute pink/brown two-piece with a gold clasp on the top and at the hips. Heidi is not going for it, because it's plain and classic, and I think because it's unadorned and looks unfinished, and she wants to show as much manpower and time management as possible without being gaudy. Which is hard, but like the ultimate challenge, so her weirdness about it all is believable. Marisa interviews that there's project management, and there's aesthetics, and her belief that this is Heidi's fashion opinion, not necessarily her PM opinion, and I feel Marisa in this distinction, because it's clear that Heidi is used to being right. There's also a scene in the webisode that leads up to this, where the two of them get into a pretty ugly pissing match about their fashion cred:

Marisa: "I organized all the fashion shows at my high school, because I love fashion that much."
Heidi: "How fun for you!"
Marisa: "So like I'm thrilled to be part of the design team, because fashion is my life."
Heidi: "You're so cute!"
Marisa: "Like, I read fashion magazines all the time. I have been known to crush up the style network and smoke it at night, in my room."
Heidi: "You're a funny little thing!"
Marisa: "Listen bitch, I breathe fashion. I haven't eaten since 1963."
Heidi: "Sweetheart. I was a swimsuit model for thirty years. I can use Donatella's private jet whenever I want. I made love to Janice Dickinson on the floor of Studio 54 with Halston and Tom Ford watching. I invented the miniskirt. Last week I had dinner with Linda Evangelista in Paris and then straight to New York for Fashion Week. My jetlag was so bad I slapped Naomi Cambell's assistant and I had to send her a fruit basket."
Marisa: "You win this time, Gadget."

In the design room, Marisa gets huffy with Heidi about how you could get the pink suit in a boutique and then design a "fabulous look" around it. They downplay it in the editing, but I think what was going on here was they were also inspired by Project Runway somehow and thought they could create a whole transformable Infinite Dress situation where you could take a bikini and, with the right accessories, turn it into a cocktail dress for a classy occasion. I don't know that that is possible, or if in fact this was their theory, but it seems both crazy and funny enough to be true, and if they'd lost, I bet there would have been a lot more of that kind of nuttiness. As it is we get the meeting becoming "tense for the first time," and Heidi tells her to set Aimee aside so they can work on the next suit, but Marisa won't drop it, because she loves the suit as-is, and Heidi's interested in moving on, but Marisa wants her final and definite approval on the suit. Which Heidi, she interviews, gives out of exasperation, lodging her first "it's on her ass" of the episode, should it prove too plain and mainstream. Which makes me personally a bit less excited about Heidi, because you can think it -- and we all did -- but you don't need to say it, because it goes without saying. Marisa, to Heidi's dear ear, continues to basically say, "I don't want you to buy flowers for the bikini, I want you to want to buy flowers for the bikini," which is similarly unnecessary and way overinvolved and emotional for the task, which is the one edge Heidi has on her. Heidi's being a tiny, miniscule amount of creepy, but at least she's not being creepy and needy at the same time.

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