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Now, it's time for Audrey to bring people to the final table. And despite the fact that Trump doesn't have the flexible option he offered last year, Audrey announces that she would like to bring back John, Craig, and Angie. Three people. Trump tells her that he'll allow that, if that's what she wants. Now, she's obviously bringing Angie for support. And it's equally obvious that Angie isn't going to be fired. Nevertheless, Angie does not look thrilled about being in the middle of all this. Chris and Tana, however, are very thrilled, and they're sent upstairs, while John, Angie, Craig, and Audrey are sent out to the lobby to wait.

In the Boardroom, Trump asks Carolyn for thoughts. Carolyn says Audrey was terrible as the PM, and she gives John some modicum of credit for "defending himself," but thinks he did poorly as well. HotNotGeorge says, "This '22-year-old girl' comment is killing me, that John made." And, thank you, HotNotGeorge, for at least caring what's being said. Trump brings the candidates back in.

"What a mess this is," Trump says. He turns it over to HotNotGeorge, who tells them that they lost because of marketing. "They out-thought you," he says. He says that the clowns were the first hook. "What is Plan B?" he asks. Craig says for the first time that they had a philosophy that they'd beat the prices and promotions elsewhere, or the game would be free. So Plan B was...used-car commercials they once heard somewhere this one time. That is not a plan. That is a college sophomore's resentment of market capitalism gone horribly awry. John says that the goal was to win by a dollar, and says something about how he and Craig were "hustling," but Audrey calls out the fact that it took them a half-hour to get into clown suits, which should not take that long. And...I kind of see where she's going with that, you know?

Now, Trump asks Audrey why she brought Angie. "Yeah," Angie wonders angrily. Audrey says that Angie was part of the marketing team, because she can't very well say Angie is her only ally. Angie is asked again if she'd still fire John over Audrey. Now, she changes her tune and says she'd fire Audrey, which is a trifle transparent. Angie gets mean, talking about how the guys didn't support Audrey but, but, but. Audrey tries to jump in to defend herself again, saying that she's not going to take the blame for bad decision-making by John on the promotional side.

Carolyn asks Audrey this: "Does your team respect you?" Audrey calls this "a great question," and she knows she can't really answer it, because the answer is, "No, but that's because they don't know me," and she's going to get back one of those "Well, you need to make them get to know you" self-helpy answers. "They think she's good-looking," Trump says to Carolyn, "but I don't think they respect her." Ouch. Angie mutters that she does respect Audrey, and Audrey returns to how she sold so hard to get the PM position, and that John said he'd give her a chance. And didn't. Which is true. Carolyn also confronts Audrey with the fact that her theory is basically that everyone on the team failed, except for Tana, but it has nothing to do with her management. Audrey tries to explain that her philosophy was to delegate and let people make decisions, and if they all made bad decisions, that should be their responsibility. Why, Carolyn wonders, did they all fail? "Because when you give them something to do," Audrey smiles bitterly, "they'll find a way to give you a half-assed job of getting it done." "So everybody should be fired but Tana?" Carolyn asks. "Yes," Audrey says weakly.

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