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Trump tells Audrey that she blames everyone else on the team, and as the leader, whom no one respected, she's ultimately on the hook. Trump tells her she's beautiful. "But oftentimes, beauty just doesn't do it. And in this case, Audrey, you're fired." What a shitty thing to say to her, seriously. When the candidates are gone, Trump talks about how "obvious" it was, so, fine. And then Trump says, "Well, at least they can't say I picked the best-looking one." Ugh.

Audrey gets in her cab. I hope she goes home and somebody gives her a hug and she gets some therapy. Because, ow.

In her taxi interview, Audrey calls it "an incredible experience," and compares it to the rest of her life. She reiterates that she wanted John fired, which I think we actually knew. "In the end, those of us that walk away winning win more than just a loss." And then there is this pause, and then my heart actually rips in two as she says, "Mr. Trump did say I was beautiful. So that was nice of him."

Next week: A rock auction. And a team shakeup.

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