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Anyway, Audrey goes on to say she wanted to be accepted all her life, and she won't sit there while somebody says she doesn't pull her weight. I don't know...I mean, she is being ridiculous, to some degree, and it's kind of a high-drama thing, but at some point, I kind of tuned out of judging Audrey in this scene, because I don't sense any malice in her at all, and I think she's just really young and screwy. At about this point, John wanders out onto the balcony as well, and Audrey tells him that it's none of his business. John, of course, insists that because they all have to work tomorrow, it is his business, and while he's right that he has a right to a conversation with his team, it doesn't mean he has a right to be part of every conversation involving anyone on his team. He and Chris both would have been smarter to let Audrey talk to Angie, I think. Audrey challenges John about whether he thinks he's better than she is. He insists he doesn't think he's better than anyone, which couldn't be more obviously untrue. There's something about the way John treats her throughout this exchange that I just hate. He has this smirk, like he's amused or entertained by her being in meltdown mode, and it's sort of ugly. I understand finding this kind of thing more drama than you'd ever want to deal with, but acting self-satisfied when she's clearly that upset? That's weird, unless you think she's an extremely malicious person in need of a huge karmic wedgie, which doesn't appear to be the case.

There is bickering back and forth between Audrey and the guys, and Angie tries hard to call a halt to it. "You're out here antagonizing her," Angie says. "You walked out, and she -- she said she doesn't want to talk to you." John isn't listening, though, and wants to deliver his special brand of condescending insult. "You probably will make more money than anyone else," he tells Audrey, "because you are gorgeous, and you're a sweetheart." Is that supposed to make up for not respecting her as a person? Is that supposed to make her feel better? It's just insane. Yes, she's immature, and she's acting silly; I get it. You certainly don't have to respect her if you don't feel so inclined. But women who know you don't respect them as human beings don't feel compensated when you tell them that at least they're pretty and nice. That's what's sad about this scene, is that Audrey isn't behaving in a way that's going to get her respect, but she sorely, badly wants respect, and having John tell her that she doesn't really need it because she's cute is exactly telling her what she most fears -- that she'll never have anyone's respect, and that they won't even recognize the legitimacy of her asking for it. It's one thing to say, "You don't have my respect, and here's why"; it's another thing to say, "What's respect to a person like you?" ["Which is, to my mind, exactly why he said it. A guy like John is going to mash every button you have just because he can, which is a dick move, but it is what it is, and girlfriend needs to toughen up, like, today." -- Sars]

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