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And then John utters the unforgettable line, "Respect has nothing to do with this, sweetie." Not to go on a whole series of paragraph-long rants, but let me tell you something about terms of endearment between people who are not sleeping together: it is a matter of context. If you and I are happy with each other and getting along and you call me, say, "sweetheart," I will love it, and it will make me smile. If we are arguing -- especially if I am angry and you are telling me I'm being silly -- and you call me "sweetheart," I will be possessed of the mad desire to kick you in the teeth in a way that ensures you the most conspicuous split lip I can come up with. The way John just used "sweetie" is a way of trying to lock down his position in the argument as the kind daddy, and while her response to all of this is sort of a fire hose of weirdness madly dousing everything around her, she's basically reading him correctly in that he has no respect for her and has no goal but putting her down in this conversation. He goes on to say that it's all about trust, and how he doesn't trust his position in the game to her. And that's fine, and I don't entirely blame him. Nevertheless, the utter hypocrisy of what he just said is going to be revealed several times throughout this episode, so just hang on to it for now. Having heard all she cares to of this lecture from John after he interrupted a conversation he wasn't even part of, Audrey says, "Fuck you" and goes back inside. I have to say, I might do the same.

The loss of John as someone to root for just breaks my heart, because I was really liking him.

Anyway, he interviews that they have this "baby" Audrey on the team, who pouts and swears and so forth, and then we cut back to him and Chris chatting on the balcony about how immature Audrey is. Which she is, but they still both suck. They should have let her talk to Angie. They could have given her some time to recover. It's a stupid, stupid decision to push her like that under those circumstances. John tells Chris that "everybody here thinks that they're better than everyone else," which is probably true. But then shouldn't he have said that to Audrey when she called him on the clarity with which he expressed that to her, rather than specifically denying it and acting like she was nuts?

The next day dawns. Rhonaphone. Angie is on duty as usual, and Rhona tells her to head down to the Boardroom ASAP to meet with Trump. There is toast, and there is shaving, and there is the brushing of eyebrows, and there is gargling. Just your average morning in the monkey cages, you know. There is ironing, and the emptying of a pot of coffee.

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