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Trump, meanwhile, meets with Carolyn to discuss the progress of a clubhouse she says will open April 15th. Trump says that he "love[s] the golf business." Well, who doesn't? Oh, right. Me.

The candidates arrive on the elevator and head in to meet with Trump. When they get there, purple-tie Trump tells them first of all that Carolyn is back, fortunately, and then he introduces the NotGeorge, who will have to be referred to as HotNotGeorge, because particularly in relative terms? Hot! His name is Ashley Cooper (shut up! He's cute!), and he makes Casino Mark look like...well, the '70s porn star he is. Nice smile, HotNotGeorge! Trump promises the candidates that their task is "very interesting." He talks about his own love of running golf courses, and says that while he likes to build big courses, they're going to build a small course. A mini-golf course, actually. Chris sticks out his tongue while nodding, because he's got a streak of That Guy. The courses, Trump explains, will be built at different sites at the Chelsea Piers. Each team will first have to design its course, and then will have to run it for a day. The team that makes the most money will win. Losers will have someone fired. He reminds them that Alex is exempt from the graffiti task because of his inimitable blinging props, and sends them on their way.

Rather hilariously, the Trump motto of the week is "Play Golf," so he gives a little speech about how people become friends playing golf who hate each other in all other circumstances. He plays golf with some other guys who probably are in the process of letting him win. Speaking of people who hate each other.

Back at the Love Palace, Audrey says she would like to be PM, as she feels "up to the ball game" and whatnot. Sigh. She argues that she has, after all, played miniature golf herself, which is...a little painful, as an argument. It's even more painful when Carolyn, apparently sitting in on the meeting, rolls her eyes. The Bassoon of Ineptitude honks ominously as Audrey says she'd love to take on being the PM. John continues to look at the laptop and not at Audrey as he says that he thinks the PM should be the person who has the "least personal problems with anybody else," which he thinks would leave Chris. Not that Chris volunteered to be PM. And not that Chris doesn't appear to have some kind of anger management issue that causes him to bark out things about his sexuality that we don't need to know. John tells Audrey she shouldn't manage the task, because she swore and walked away from him last night. "I don't feel comfortable with you being in charge of my future. Sorry, I don't." He goes on: "Maybe next task, but not today." Gee, Dad, can I be the PM next task? He's just being such a prick, and even though I kind of see his point, he's being an utter ass about it and it's just not necessary. Audrey interviews that she didn't appreciate John saying, in front of Carolyn, that she shouldn't be PM just because she wasn't letting the rest of the team "step all over" her. Back in the meeting, she drags out "stepping up to the plate" again as she says that it's about wanting to prove herself. "This is about business," she says, "and my business, is business." Did you get all that? Yeah, me neither. She says she really wants to do it, and wants to use everybody's skills, and ultimately, the team decides that they'll let her be the PM. Angie interviews that she was glad to see Audrey sell the team on her leadership, but Angie will never sell me on that scarf she's wearing, and that's not even mentioning the yellow bucket hat. Yikes. Oh, and what does Angie think Audrey needs to do? "Step up to the plate." AGAIN.

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