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In her own clown outfit in the van, we watch Audrey tell Angie on the Space Communicator that John needs to do the marketing for the venue in the costume. John grabs away the phone from Angie and tells Audrey this: "Audrey, you're an idiot. We're going to win this task in spite of you. I'm not wearing my costume to hand out flyers. It won't matter how I'm dressed. I'm sorry. Thanks for coming out. Have a nice day. We have some lovely parting gifts for you." And there's just no excuse for that shit, either personally or professionally. He has no reason to tell her she's an idiot, given that all she did in that moment was ask him to put on the damn costume to hand out flyers, which makes perfect sense to me. At any rate, she interviews that John obviously still thinks he doesn't have to listen to her or show her any respect. Later, we watch as John -- who is wearing the clown costume now -- complains to Craig about how stupid he feels, and how he can't talk business while wearing a costume. It's funny how the Old West costumes were okay for other people when John was the project manager, isn't it? John appears to try to talk a few kids into visiting their golf course, but he's doing it with a sort of "I'm much too good for this" vibe that I think is killing any possibility that he'd be effective, because it's a mistake to think kids don't see that coming.

Over at Magna, meanwhile, the kids seem to be having a great time playing all the animal-themed mini-golf. Carolyn and HotNotGeorge watch as Bren, in a safari-guide hat, hands a little putter to a very little girl. So cute. They should have one just to show to Carolyn that says, "Ereka-Clubber." The next guy is handing in a coupon, too, for his two kids. Erin interviews that every time one of their flyers came back, she felt like she and Kendra did good job with the marketing idea. Erin warily says that Magna has a way of doing what it takes "from an intellectual perspective," while Net Worth does what it takes "from a street perspective." Except Alex. Because Alex is so street.

Hitchcockian birds are seen gathering on a wire, and then the teams assemble in the Boardroom for task results. Trump enters. Audrey, her hair looking very large, tells Trump that she thinks her team did great, and she thinks they won. HotNotGeorge is asked for the results for Net Worth, and he says that for their circus theme, they made $304. Carolyn reports that Magna's safari theme and their marketing scheme and coupons brought in $508. Magna is happy, and they are the big winners. Trump tells Magna that as their reward, they'll be playing golf with him at Trump National Golf Club. "You will have a lot of fun," he commands. And also, they will (1) wear appropriate shoes; (2) lose; and (3) genuflect. Right-o, sir, Mr. Trump, sir! Oh, and next week, Stephanie will be exempt. Net Worth is going to the Boardroom.

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