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Magna heads out to the golf course in a limo. Alex explains that the golf pro greeted them, and that they heard a sound in the background. And what's the sound? It's the Trumpicopter. The team watches as the 'copter approaches and lands on the grass. "Donald Trump is the mack daddy of the United States," Erin says, and in a weird way, I don't disagree. "He came in the most grandiose possible way," she notes. "Yeah, I'm all about a man with a helicopter. I think that's pretty hot." And she's not being sarcastic, exactly, but she's definitely being dryly funny, and it struck me as pretty amusing indeed. I don't think Erin thinks rich old men are hot, nor do I think she'd marry one for his money or anything like that. Trump walks over and introduces Christie Kerr, "one of the greatest players in the world."

Out on the course, everyone admires Christie. And then Erin takes a very pitiful swing and interviews that it's not that there's anything wrong with her swing; it's that she doesn't play golf. Yeah, me neither. I would embarrass myself very quickly in these circumstances. I would do something like break my own nose with my own elbow. Trump comes over and watches her and asks how she's doing. She hesitates. "I'm learning," she says, and he tells her to try again. She dorks it up with the swing, and Trump tells her it's "a very delicate swing." By which he means "mincing." But she's a girl, so it's okay. And then Trump takes some big shots, and then he tells them that he'll give a thousand dollars to anybody who puts it on the green from where they are. It doesn't appear that anyone does, though. Maybe they've learned that you don't want Trump money. It's all contaminated with hints of -- well, other money, actually.

Back at the Love Palace, there continues to be furniture. There also continue to be unhappy people milling around. Angie washes her face in the bathroom, and Audrey comes in to chat with her in a whisper. Audrey asks how Angie feels in terms of how she did delegating responsibility as the PM. Angie diplomatically says that every task could always be done better. Audrey says in an interview that she and Angie are close, and she respects Angie, and she sees Angie being maybe the way she'll be when she's older. If she decides to, you know, stripe her hair. And own a gym, and kind of be spazzy. Angie does offer Audrey the advice that Magna apparently beat them by having more flyers and coupons come in, so that might be something to seize upon. Audrey interviews confidently that "John is going to be fired" for his failure to do anything with the marketing. Audrey goes on to say that she has no time to deal with anybody's chattering mouth. And she even does the International Hand Signal for "chattering mouth." Who, as she says, "talks the talk, but can't walk it." Huh. Yeah, I see some weaknesses in her, like, grasp of the language, I think. Including the fact that you don't have to walk the talk, because that's hard. It's the walk you have to walk. Audrey confuses me. Angie tells Audrey that other people on the team (like Craig and John) need to take some responsibility and not just dump everything on the PM. And I kind of agree, although God only knows when that's going to trickle down to the show.

John issues that "Audrey is having some sort of a huge issue with [him]." Might be the part where you called her an idiot, there, smart guy. He goes on to say that Angie is like Audrey's "mommy." Of course, that would make John Chris's "daddy," I think, but then I guess it's only women who get put down for seeking each other's support. "I'll bury her in that Boardroom," John vows. That is so demeaningful.

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