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Ding! Everybody off the elevator. They all head in, where Carolyn and HotNotGeorge already await. Trump enters and sits. "Audrey, you were the project manager, why did you lose?" "Mr. Trump, we lost because of our promotional abilities and our marketing abilities in this task." Trump asks her who's fault that is. "John and Craig's," she says simply, in a soft little-girl voice that doesn't suit her. Trump asks John if he agrees. John can barely contain his smirk (he can't, actually) as he claims the entire project was "a complete mess from beginning to end, from the top down." And then he adds, "And anyone at this table who disagrees with me either has a very low expectation of leadership, or is simply lying because they're maintaining a state of self-preservation." No sentence spoken in this kind of situation, ever, should begin, "Anyone who disagrees with me...." Because how dare you, really? That kind of an attempt to preempt other people before they can even speak? What bullshit. Audrey would be a horrible manager, but you know what? John would, too, which I didn't think originally.

HotNotGeorge asks who was responsible for setting the course up. Chris allows that he was responsible for "course design." As he talks, though, Trump jumps in. "Weren't you chewing tobacco while you were wearing a clown suit?" Best! Random! Line! Ever! Chris gravely stares back and admits, "I had a dip in." Hee. "Was that for your own personal pleasure, or was that because you wanted to impress children?" Trump asks, poking the crazy as hard as he can. Trump asks if Chris chews tobacco normally, and Chris says he does. They agree that Chris is addicted, and Chris owns up to having chewed tobacco since he was fifteen. "So I guess you're addicted." "Yes, sir, I am." Chris is just so weird. "It's not good," Trump says. "No, it's not," Chris agrees. "Especially for a clown," HotNotGeorge says without the hint of a smile, which is why it's so awesome. HA HA HA! Oh, I loved that so very much.

Trump asks Audrey if she failed as project manager. Audrey says no. She says that she's tired of seeing the PM be the only person who is given any responsibility for how tasks succeed or fail. She says her task was to manage the team and assign responsibility to different people, and those people are then responsible for their areas. Trump adds that she needs to "follow up." Asked about John's performance, Audrey says that his inability to promote in this setting was "embarrassing." And then John says, "Then why didn't you step in and save the team?" Wait, is that a defense? That you admit you sucked, and maybe you even sucked on purpose, but it's her fault for not saving the team from you? Are you kidding me? Pfft. He claims that it was because she was okay with failing, because she wanted to bring him to the Boardroom and get him fired. And in case you missed it, he just basically admitted that (1) she didn't "step in" and do the promotional stuff, he did, so if it sucked, it's on him; and (2) John could tell from the promotional they were doing that they were going to lose. It's not a very good argument. It's really, really not. Audrey says John was terrible; Trump asks John if he thinks much more of her. "She is what she is," John says. "And what is she?" Trump asks. "She's a 22-year-old girl." Well...yeah. I mean, you shouldn't call women that age "girls," but to the degree that he's doing it pointedly, he's actually probably less wrong than many guys in the same circumstance. John goes on to say that she failed to be "humbled" by being called the weakest link by the rest of the team, and she tells Trump what John said about her being successful based on looks and personality. John's entire defense is that Angie said the same thing to Audrey, and WOW, does John have no argument there. What your friends can say and what guys who talk down to you can say are two entirely different things.

Audrey tells Trump that she thinks John is threatened by her combination of talent and looks and personality, and he snorts about how he's not threatened, which...actually isn't that convincing. He goes back to claiming that the decision-making in the task was inept. Tana is asked whom she'd fire, and Tana says Audrey, based on "lack of control within the group." Craig would also fire Audrey, but Angie says she would fire John.

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