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It's Like Some Kind of Torture to Have to Watch This Show
Clay has puppeted before, in church (of course), while Dayana volunteers that she has "done improv for a year and a half." Lisa just rolls her eyes and is all "Yeah, 22 years here." Lisa hopes they can all have a task without fighting, but come on.

With the puppet experts, the team learns that Penn is probably too tall to puppet, so it's decided that he can host. Lisa ices Dayana out of a performing role, so thank GOD these two women will be back at each other's throat again. Penn and Dayana take lead on puppet design, and Lisa instructs Dayana on how to do her puppet -- a task that, as she interviews, should keep her "ocupado por favor." Oh, jeez, uncomfortable.

At the improv lessons, Lisa and Clay seem to work together well. Meanwhile, building the puppets seems TEDIOUS, but Dayana takes to it (the puppeteers all say they would HIRE her? That seems a stretch). When Eric arrives to check up on the time, Dayana (who's perma-fuming about Lisa) is kind of cold to him. BIG mistake, lady! Gotta butter up the scions.

In rehearsal, Penn is impressed with Clay while noting that Dayana had nothing to do. There's a bit in the sketch about "vapid, stupid model people," and the editing keeps throwing in pointed shots of Dayana, which seems like the show is taking Lisa's side. Anyway, on the day of the performance, Lisa is trying to keep things light backstage -- telling stories of Debbie Gibson's "four-alarm dumps" will do that -- but talk of what Dayana will do during the show, while everyone is on stage, sets off an argument. Lisa fucking FLIPS OUT, because she thinks Dayana is being selfish for wanting to be on camera. She rants that they had to create busywork for Dayana to do (busywork like...creating all the puppets? I don't love Dayana, but that seems like a pretty significant job). Dayana eventually flees, with Penn going out after her and being very impressed with himself for his tactic of saying nothing while she vents about Lisa. You've cracked the interpersonal communication code, Penn! Meanwhile, Lisa rants some more about how the boys on her team never back her up. She seems... distressed.

When it comes time for the performance itself, things go pretty great. Penn has a ton of energy as host, and Lisa and Clay work well with their puppets. There's a moment where Clay nails a joke about Genghis Khan, and Penn fails to end the scene on the high note, like a good host is supposed to do. And there are a couple moments where Clay and Lisa approach some risqué material that might skirt some standards, but overall, Lisa says they killed.

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