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The Boardroom:
Brian Henson and Patrick Bristow tell Kool-Aid-Mouth Eric that they liked Arsenio and Aubrey, but they saw Teresa breaking the improv rules. Meanwhile, on Forte, Lisa's improvising was judged as strong, and Clay "attacked it," but they both got a bit too blue for a moment there. They also noticed that Penn missed the cue to end the one scene on a high note.

In the boardroom, Trump immediately asks Dayana how she got along with Lisa. Admirable for its directness, I suppose. Lisa again hates that Dayana always wants to be on camera, while Dayana says that Lisa intentionally marginalizes her. Ivanka sticks up for the way Lisa divided up the labor, as it only makes sense that the performers on the team would actually perform. But Dayana also objects to Lisa's "level of aggression," which is certainly a fair critique. Meanwhile, as they discuss Penn being too tall to be a puppeteer, Clay jokes that he was "too small to host" himself. Trump, not getting the joke at all: "You're actually not a small guy." Clay: "Used to be." Heh.

Trump asks Lisa whom she would bring back to the final table, should Forte lose. Lisa immediately starts to cry and says she might not bring anyone. She says she didn't get into the business to make girls cry, and (more importantly, I suspect) she doesn't want to be a villain. Aubrey, who even at this moment can only think about herself, is all tough-love and "You're staying, Lisa!" Not about you, sweets. Trump, weird as ever, is "impressed" by Lisa's show of emotion.

Trump asks Paul who he'd bring back to the final table, and he obviously says Teresa -- not for her stupidity in improv, but for wasting time during the puppet-making process. Ivanka, I guess trying to get Teresa on her dad's good side, points out that Teresa named her daughter after Trump's current trophy wife, which is as sweet a story as you'll hear on television. Ivanka also sticks up for Paul playing through pain, as it were.

Luckily, Trump got all that drama out of Lisa early, because Team Forte wins. So congrats to Lisa and to the Gay Men's Health Crisis for getting some charity dollars. (Trump: "Great people, they do a great job." That seems like a totally sincere statement coming from noted homophobe Trump.) Forte celebrates up in the penthouse, as Clay toasts to gay men in general, and Lisa is happy that she can show her face in the gay community again. Dayana, meanwhile, finds Lisa's mood swings troubling, and I don't exactly disagree. "Mood swings," seems like a tame way to view them, actually.

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