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Trump and Ivanka watch from his office back in New York as Marilu jabbers happily about the product. Someone calls in, and Rick asks the customer why she thinks she'll like it, and Marilu talks over the caller and everything. Because she's not on TV enough that she can cede five seconds of airtime to some woman from Muncie who is trying to have her fifteen seconds of fame right now. Trump and Ivanka wonder if the negative of Marilu's uncontrollable yammering outweighs the positivity of her energy. Once Hydra is off the air, they're feeling good about it. In fact, Piers thinks the only way they could have lost is if it's the wrong product.

With Empresario getting ready to go on the air, Trace is a little nervous. Seeing Trace on TV, Trump and Ivanka find Trace a curious but probably strong choice, with the voice and the laid-back attitude and all. They're also impressed with the demonstration using nuts and bolts. Tito watches the real-time sales display as the easy-pay thing is mentioned, but the results are inconclusive. In the end, Trump can't make his mind up whether it was a good presentation or a great one. What, he's not an expert on QVC? He doesn't watch this channel all the time? I find that hard to believe, after what we've seen of his apartment. Empresario is also happy with how things went, as Omarosa congratulates Trace on a job well done and Stephen congratulates himself on his instincts.

Board room. Marilu and Piers agree that Hydra probably won. Trump turns to Empresario, and Tito says that Trace was the star of this particular task. There's a little lip service about how Omarosa got along better with this team than she did with Piers, who is just sitting there with his lips pursed, wishing he'd thought to have a big sign made up to hang over his head reading "NOT GETTING INTO IT WITH OMAROSA.". Trump asks if Stephen was worried about selling a higher-priced product, and Stephen explains the Easy Pay thing again. Easy Pay is totally going to go off in the third act, y'all.

Time for the results. Don, Jr. reports that Empresario sold 716 units, earning $43,000. Whereas Hydra sold 703 units, for a total of $35,145. And that's the second win for Empresario this season, .and the second big check for the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund. Trump dismisses Empresario, and they head off to the suite so they can celebrate the win and Stephen can thank Jesus.

After the ads, Trump asks Piers whom he blames for the loss. Piers refuses to blame Marilu, because he appreciated her passion and enthusiasm too much. Marilu admits that she didn't know about the Easy Pay thing. Carol denies any knowledge of it as well, despite all the times she's been on QVC. Clearly not very hands-on during her time there. Even Don, Jr. knows about Easy Pay. I suspect it's how he bought the fuchsia tie he's wearing today. Trump again asks Piers to point fingers, and Piers points to "Sleepy-Boy" Lennox next to him. Bad move; Lewis-worshipper Trump immediately comes to Lennox's defense, and Lennox lets him. Piers still doesn't want to blame Marilu, but Trump thinks that Marilu overdid it on the air, with the talking and the talking, and in between that, the talking. Trump asks Lennox what he thinks, and Lennox puts it on the PM, as does Carol. Empresario watches from the suite as Piers continue to back up Marilu, and they start to think he's the one who's going. Trump asks Marilu who she would fire, and she doesn't help herself by talking some more instead of answering. Trump gets bored, and Marilu finally says that the one she isn't bringing back to the board room is...Carol. The five-year QVC veteran who wasn't clued in on Easy Pay. Out in the lobby, Carol takes her leave of the other three. "Fight!" she mouths at Marilu before going into the suite.

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