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In the board room, Trump and the Trumplets agree that it's not looking good for Marilu as the PM, and keeping Carol safe wasn't the best move either. Out in the lobby, Piers and Lennox tell Marilu that Carol should have known about and brought up Easy Pay despite having worked at QVC for five years, so it's really Carol's fault. Now they tell her.

When Marilu, Piers, and Lennox return, Trump's first question to Marilu is why he should fire Piers instead of Marilu, and why Lennox was brought back in favor of Carol. I think the biggest lesson from this episode is not to ask Trump to blame Lennox for anything, ever. Still, Marilu backs up Piers on Lennox's lethargy for part of the day. Piers chimes in that he thinks Carol should be in the board room. Instead of engaging that point, Trump notices that Piers is sweating, although he incorrectly claims that it's the first time. Marilu talks some more, trying to blame Lennox. Which gets her fired. At least Trump feels bad about it. Marilu heads down to the limo while Piers and Lennox return to the suite. "Sleepy-Boy is back," Lennox announces.

In the limo, Marilu says it was fun, she's always been a fan of the show, and now she feels like a member of the Trump family. Surprisingly, she means that last bit as a good thing.

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