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Put A Fork In Busey...

Presentation time. ASAP is up first. Hope says she has to win, to show Trump that her age doesn't matter. Hope and Marlee introduce their presentations, then Hope talks to La Toya about her food, which is already sitting out plated. La Toya projects her voice well, but I do wonder how standing there and talking is a "cooking demonstration," which was the given task, wasn't it? Although Meat Loaf's could be a total disaster. Hope thinks it was great that La Toya gave Omaha such a ringing endorsement, but she thinks she wasn't loud enough. They move on to Star, who projects great and presents her light, 4-ounce petite filet.

Then Marlee and Nene present the red-carpet meal: lobster tails from Omaha. The execs wish that the teams would say "Omaha Steaks" instead of just "Omaha." Nene thinks they did great, and if there was a failure, it was that Star and La Toya didn't cook, whereas Nene turned on her oven and cooked (plus, she cut her lobster tail). Their variety pack is pretty awesome, with shrimp, burgers, and even cheesecake. Hope thinks they did great, but is sure Busey will be tough to beat.

Backbone's turn. Meat Loaf is completely stressed and nervous. Rich says this is all about time management, and Lil Jon pep-talks Meat Loaf. Rich says Busey's put this team in a terrible position, but not to count him out because he can sometimes be brilliant. Meat Loaf introduces himself, and says he's named appropriately for Omaha Steaks. He does a great job talking, and he keeps saying "Omaha Steaks," which has to make the execs happy. He also actually demonstrates cooking. Busey's up next, talking about the anniversary meal. It's indecipherable, all about telling your anniversary partner how much you love them, and it's all because of Omaha Steaks. He sends it back to chef Meat Loaf, who talks about the Father's Day meal and demonstrates how he cooks it. He sends it back to Busey, who talks about Father's Day and how nervous the kids are for their dad to try their meal. It's a heartwarming story about the dad crying and thanking his children. Then the kids present the dad with an Omaha Steaks kite, so everyone in the neighborhood can see it. Rich says he looked around at the puzzled faces and was like, "That's how I felt all day."

Meat Loaf cooks the next steak, and the execs actually say, "The guy knows how to cook a steak." And "Yeah, Meat Loaf is really good." Busey presents their Celebration Pack and then gets the audience to chant, "Omaha Steaks!" Everyone's very excited to hear that three audience members get to come down and eat a meal. One of the drawn numbers was exec Bruce, who tells Meat Loaf the meal was perfect. Rich says he's seen Busey connect with people, so he'd never count the guy out.

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