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Sam's Enchanted Leaving

Elsewhere, the Field Team -- not able to take off their shirts and get the dealer to take a loss -- buys the gold for $399. Bowie interviews that he thinks they're stinking up the joint right now, performance-wise, and that Trump would probably fire the lot of them if he saw how pitifully they're doing. Good point.

For whatever reason, Trump now pays a visit to S4, where the VersaCorp home team is working. He walks in on a meeting among Sam, Nick, and Troy. "Hey, Sam," Trump says. "I hear you're in charge." By the way, Sam is once again Being The Hat, which just makes this scene all the more excellent. "I am in charge, Mr. Trump," he says, shocked at the sight of the big boss. Trump points out that the men have been taking a beating. And then there's my favorite part, which is where Trump looks at Sam and says, "I never knew you were so short." I don't know why, but I find that hilarious. Who does that? Billionaires, I guess. Guys who really don't have to care if no one sends them Christmas cards. Sam laughs it off, you know, as you do with people who own your ass. Trump extends his hand to Sam, and instead of just shaking it, as he should, Sam has to go through a "you really want to shake my hand?" bit of nonsense that makes him look totally amateurish, but then they do shake hands. YES, THEY SHAKE HANDS! Don't miss it, because you're going to hear about it a lot more. The other guys are asked how Sam is doing, and Troy -- who, I think, is reading the writing on the wall -- just emphasizes that Sam is taking charge. Heh. Trump asks Sam whether he thinks the other guys put him in charge hoping that he would screw up and be fired. Sam allows as how it's a possibility. Trump points out that the way to keep that from happening is to win, and then leaves. Sam interviews that having Donald Trump shake his hand was one of the biggest moments of his entire life. Accordingly, Sam walks around the suite shrieking to Nick and Troy that Trump shook his hand. Troy finally forces Sam to sit down and close his eyes, and tells him that when he opens his eyes, he's got to put the hand-shaking aside. Troy is a good Sam-handler, I'll give him that.

Manhattan. It's about twenty minutes after 2. Sam is on the Space Communicator with the Field Team, which is in the back of a taxi. He gives them a location to buy the golf club, and he gives them a phone number. Boyfriend Bill flashes an amused, exasperated grin as Sam calls him "the quarterback" again. Sam reports that the Home Team is going to take care of the leg wax, so the Field Team doesn't have to worry about that one. Yeah, it's always good when you can relieve the quarterback from worrying about the leg wax. Once the phone call is over, Nick calls Sam out for all the endless talking and unproductive yammering, and, chuckling, says, "I think you like the Boardroom!" Sam asks Nick if he's implying that he thinks they're going to lose. "No, but I want to hurry up," Nick says. Heh.

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