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Sam's Enchanted Leaving

Boyfriend Bill is on the phone with the place Sam gave them as a location to buy the golf clubs. He starts asking about the club they need, and then he says, "Oh -- you don't carry golf clubs? Okay, great, thanks." He hangs up. "Sam gave me that fucking number," he says in disbelief. In an interview, Boyfriend Bill points out that Sam and the Home Team obviously did zero research in suggesting this particular place, because if they had called at all -- let alone called to find out whether they could negotiate for the club -- they would have learned that the place doesn't even sell golf clubs. Meanwhile, the Home Team is leaving S4, and Troy is asking that Nick please not laugh at him during his leg wax. Heh. Troy's gettin' a leg wax, wheeee!

It is suggested that it's around 3:20, and we see Team Assorama in search of a leg wax. They stop at a nail salon to pick it up on the cheap. Assorama and Jessie go inside, while Amy and Kristi stay outside and Kristi comments that Assorama is "handling it excellently." Amy comments that, indeed, Assorama is "on her best behavior today." Assorama is the leg-wax-ee, and she interviews that she didn't mind "taking one for the team." Jessie interviews that Assorama is "a phenomenal person," and that she did very well once she was put in a situation where she could "shine." By getting her legs waxed, I guess. That's her time to shine. Rip off the hair, and out comes the sparkling personality. Amy comes in to keep her company, too, because Amy is clutching Assorama's hand during the "ow" parts of the waxing. Which I think are most parts, actually. Assorama even says in an interview that she has "newfound respect" for the members of her half of the team. She also says that she made "inroads in establishing trust." Well, yes. That's what happens when you act a little bit more mature and do a little less endless picking of fights.

VersaCorp, meanwhile, has chosen the most expensive place you can probably find at which to have your legs waxed -- a day spa. Boy, there's some advance research for you. Troy goes up to the counter and tells the women that he needs his legs waxed. His opening proposal is that they give it to him for free, just because the sight of him getting his legs waxed will be so amusing. "Absolutely not!" snorts the spa lady, which makes me laugh and laugh. Turns out that retail for a leg wax is being rung up at $80, and the guys got it for $76. I would again point out that it took me about two minutes on Google to find leg waxes in Manhattan for about $40. There's either more to this than meets the perfectly shaped eyebrow (limits on where they could go, for instance), or the research they did was complete crap. Or, of course, both.

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