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Sam's Enchanted Leaving

Light, nondescript jazz plays as Troy, Kwame, and Bill chat in the kitchen. Troy argues that the team is playing Sam all wrong, because all they're accomplishing by ganging up on him is making Trump more fascinated by his underdog status. Sam is still frolicking in the entryway, by the way, because apparently no one has yet come to fetch him. In an interview, Bill says that "the entertainment value of Sam is over," and now, Sam is just annoying and it's holding back the team. Sam does some push-ups, because you just can't be the crazy guy if you don't do push-ups. Ask Jack Palance. Sam still has no pants on, by the way, and when you can't even muster entertainment value doing push-ups in your underwear, you know you've got problems. Building on Troy's argument that they're playing the Sam situation wrong, Bill proposes that they make Sam the team leader for the next task: if he's so brilliant, it'll play out that way and they'll get the win; if he's not brilliant,'ll play out that way, and they might get rid of him at last. "It's time for Sam to put up or shut up," Bill interviews. What I like about this is that they're not saying they're going to sandbag him -- they're saying they're going to give him the reins and make him back up his claims of brilliance with something more than endless metaphors and yapping. Oh, and Sam is still playing his own little scene from The Young And The Pantsless in the hall.

Later that evening, the women sit down for a little team meeting. Jessie says that she needs to air some feelings she's having, and that she would appreciate it if other people wouldn't interrupt until she's done. Katrina interviews that Jessie actually called this meeting because she was upset about the fighting between Ereka and Assorama, which they all know is hurting the team. On the one hand, I feel for Jessie, because drama is annoying. On the other hand, this is the kind of meeting that usually involves crying and blaming and stomping around and someone who won't stop looking at a magazine and the phone ringing in the middle right when someone is building up to her big emotional finale, and...I'm all for productive discussion, but you've seen these women. What are the odds? Jessie starts the meeting on solid ground, content-wise, by saying that she thought the display that was put on last night during the trip to Boston was ridiculous. Katrina cuts in, which helps no one:"I've never in my professional life seen women yell at each other the way that this group has done in a professional environment." I'm not sure how she can be so completely right and still so completely annoying at that moment. Katrina goes on to say that she could tell the pilot thought they were complete idiots when they were in the airport -- presumably while Ereka was yelling at Assorama about "threatening" her. And honestly, it's not like we weren't all noticing that they were idiots, so it's not as though the pilot needed magical powers. Katrina specifically says, "I'm not saying whose fault it was, I'm not pointing a finger --" At this point, Assorama gets up and declares that she's not staying for this conversation, which is obviously just one big attack on her. It's so interesting -- she and Ereka were both involved in all that silliness. By insisting that attacking the airport fight is an attack only on her, I personally believe she's betraying an underlying awareness that she's the one who instigated much of that to begin with.

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