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Sam's Enchanted Leaving

Anyway, Assorama tells Jessie -- patronizingly patting her on the arm just like it says in 4001 Ways To Annoy People The Passive-Aggressive Way ["I assume that volume is subtitled 'If That's What You Really Think Is Best, I Guess I Can't Stop You'" -- Wing Chun] -- that if Jessie wants to talk to her, they'll have to talk one-on-one. And as anti-meeting as I am, that seems wrong as well. If Jessie had a problem just with Assorama, that might be a fair thing for Assorama to do, but the fact is that Ereka and Assorama have made this a group problem -- they both have -- by being unable to keep their fighting out of the way of the work the group has to do. So it's a group problem, and it's something that can't really be solved one-on-one. It seems to me that Assorama is leaving because she isn't in complete control of this situation, and she isn't willing to experience conflict except in situations she can absolutely control. She loves one-on-ones, because that's where she comes alive -- she tweaks and patronizes and steamrolls people, and that's harder to do when you're outnumbered. As Assorama is leaving, Katrina comments that she hates that Assorama never lets her speak, and when she does, Assorama speaks over her. Assorama respectfully listens to this and tells Katrina that she doesn't think she does that, but that if that's the way Katrina feels, she'll try not to do it in the future. HAHAHAHAHA...just kidding. That doesn't happen, of course. Instead, Assorama blows everyone off and walks away.

Amy continues the conversation with those who have decided to stick around by saying that when the time comes for tasks, the best thing for them all to do about the personal conflict at this point is ignore it. "Part of leadership is teamwork," she says. In an interview, Amy says that the one thing she doesn't care for about working with women is what she calls a "tendency to hold grudges," which is the same thing that I would characterize as a tendency toward over-personalizing everything. Amy goes on to say that the advantage in the way men communicate is that they can fight and argue and hate each other personally, but that they can put it aside when they have to and get work done. Yep. That's kind of what I was saying last week. I'm thinking like a candidate. Hey, I must be ready for my limo and my belly-button shirt.

We time-lapse it until morning. Heh, I guess Sam vacated Poutyville at some point. The silver phone rings. (What happened to the red phone, anyway? Did the White House repossess it for some nefarious use? I demand to know!) (Wait, I think that sentence was a PATRIOT Act violation.) Apparently, it is 6:00 AM, and the candidates are told to be ready to go to the West Chester airport at 8:00. Amy interviews -- hey, she's wearing that pretty coffee color I can't wear, too! -- that her only strategy with the tasks at this point is to focus on teamwork. I have to say, it's going great, the teamwork. I can't see anything interfering with the brilliant teamwork at this point, except the inevitable restraining orders.

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