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Sam's Enchanted Leaving

But anyway, this goes on a while longer, with Katrina pointing her bony finger at Assorama a lot and stressing that her own successes aren't going to come at the expense of not being -- oh, yes -- "a good person," and eventually taking Assorama's arm as she's trying to leave, which she totally should not do, because hello? Personal space, people. Basically, it all just goes from ugly to uglier. Katrina interviews that Assorama has a tendency to "manipulate and backstab," so if Trump is looking for a cold-hearted snake, he's on the right track. Just when you think Katrina's annoying gritted-teeth interview is the most grating you'll see this hour, Assorama makes a very patronizing comment about how much pity she feels for Katrina, because Katrina really does want to make friends. Oh, just imagine caring whether anyone likes you. Some people are so naïve.

Amy interviews that Assorama's conflicts with other people are so disruptive to the group that sometimes she thinks they should just lose a task so that they can get rid of her and "move on." I have to say that, at this point, I don't blame Amy for that sentiment. Pragmatically, it does appear to be Assorama who cannot get along with anyone, and if she refuses to talk about it and refuses even to make any effort to address the behaviors that drive everyone else crazy, then I think the rest of them are within their rights to say that if you won't even make an effort to function civilly within the group, you can go. I wouldn't blame them for getting rid of Ereka, either, although Ereka seems to be able to get along with everyone other than Assorama, while Assorama seems to have several simultaneous diplomacy issues.

The title card this week that kicks off the task says, "The Art Of The Deal." Trump interviews that negotiation is a crucial business skill, and that you sometimes have to be tough and sometimes have to be soft, depending on whom you're negotiating with. Unless it's my bank, because then, the only effective tactic is a going in with a cleaver sticking out of your head, in which case they might -- might -- take pity on you. We cut to an airfield, where Trump's big ugly plane is sitting on the runway. I am impressed that the entire thing is not gold-plated. Trump emerges from the plane as he voices over that negotiation skills are born, not made, for the most part. Trump tells the assembled candidates that negotiation is "something that [he's] very familiar with." He goes on to tell a story about how people pay huge prices for little airplanes, but that he found that there were planes sitting idle in Nevada unused, and that's how he got his plane, which is no little jet, but a big old airliner. Pardon me if I'm failing to get into the spirit of things, but I don't think I actually need an airliner. I have a small family, and there aren't that many people I would want to take with me on a cross-country airplane ride. Maybe I'm failing to see the big picture. Trump then explains this week's task.

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