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Team Marlee. It's finally Marlee's turn to shoot. She's dressed like the ABBA girls, and dances around for the cameras. (Hilariously, someone puts a boom mike on her and she's like, "I don't need that. I'm not talking.) Meat Loaf gets a call and gets frustrated. He asks if they know the reasons "he won't sign." When he gets off the phone, Meat Loaf says it was Geoffrey Holder, whose lawyers wouldn't let him sign a release for some reason. Meat Loaf's calling Geoffrey's manager, Chuck, who wants him to do this very badly. And Geoffrey wants to do it badly. Meat Loaf says it's the lawyer throwing the wrench into the works. Meat Loaf leaves a message for Chuck, then calls another number. When he gets off the phone, he screams that he's going to throw the phone across the room. Marlee's getting her hair and makeup done, and thinking that she might have to come up with a different plan or everything will fall apart.

So, get it? Rich might lose Def Leppard and Marlee might lose Geoffrey Holder. Seems like a perfect place for a cliffhanger, even if it is totally manufactured and they'll both get their stars next week. Speaking of, here's what happens next time: It's finale time. All our favorites come back: Nene. Busey. And more. Rich and Marlee both want to win this thing. Rich introduces Def Leppard, and the stage stays empty. Trump: "Unbelievable." Uh-oh.

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