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Trump asks about Lil Jon, who Bret says is so smart. He thinks Lil Jon's a bit of a sleeper player. He says Lil Jon didn't get here by accident. Cut to Lil Jon's interview. Bret asks the first question: He asks Lil Jon if he thinks his laid-back attitude is going to hurt him here? Lil Jon says he clawed and fought to get here. Joan asks who the final two will be, and Lil Jon says "John Rich and Marlee." They're all like, "Come again?" Piers calls him a loser, and Lil Jon asks him to let him speak, please. Lil Jon says he respects those other two, who have raised so much money. Piers says he respects Lil Jon. He wants to win, but he respects that those other two have raised a lot of money and are tough competitors. They ask about Meat Loaf, and Lil Jon thinks he wears his heart on his sleeve a little too much. Bret asks if Lil Jon thinks he can win it if it's him and Rich in the final two. Lil Jon says they're friends, but when it comes down to it, he'll fight. He says his persona is one thing, but his mind is another. Piers asks the second reason (after charity) that he wanted to do this competition, and Lil Jon says it was to show that all rappers are not blunt-smoking, crack-selling, ignorant people. Joan asks if he could name names, and they all laugh. Back with Trump, Bret says Lil Jon was a little too laid-back, so he's not sure if he can step up and compete.

Trump tells his three champions how proud he is of all of them. He asks where his twenty-five percent is, and they all fake laugh (as many do with Trump, I suspect, so it's not as if he'd notice the difference). He asks about Meat Loaf, who they say was emotional -- barking mad, even -- but Joan says he has such passion. Piers agrees. Cut to Meat Loaf's interview. Joan says Meat Loaf's the oldest of this group, and he asks if that was an asset to him. He says it was an asset to him, because he came in ready to go, and had more energy than anyone. Piers says the others have said he cries a lot. Meat Loaf says that's because he cares more about his charity than anyone else, but Piers wonders if that sends the right message in a business setting. Meat Loaf says he showed Trump all kinds of sides of him: the fighter, the guy on the front line... Piers says Meat Loaf has anger-management issues, since he nearly beat up Busey and cries. Bret asks if he feels that he can focus this anger and energy. Then Bret tells him that the Jo(h)ns threw him under the bus, and so he says Lil Jon's lazy and Rich isn't even a celebrity. Back with Trump, they all say Meat Loaf's emotional, but he wants to win this more than anyone.

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