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Moving on to Marlee: Joan was blown away by her. Bret says she's not hard to look at and she's a fighter. Cut to her interview. Joan asks her first where she keeps her Oscar. She keeps it in her office. Piers asks if winning an Oscar or this is harder, and she says this, definitely. Bret asks if she feels her disability is an advantage to her, competitively, for her charity. She says that everyone puts her in a box as the deaf actress, just like they do with Bret Michaels and his diabetes (yeah, uh, not really the same; no one thinks of that first when they think of Bret. Still, I think she scored points with him for saying it, so ... smart move). She says that now people see she's a contender. Joan asks if the competition has slowed her down. She replies that people assume she can't do things, but she can do anything. Piers says he thinks it's been an advantage, because he'd have liked to be deaf on this show. "If I couldn't have heard Omarosa speak, it would have been one of life's great blessings." Amen. Piers says that, looking at her record, she's had one amazing task but the rest of it hasn't been that impressive. He says you could argue that she's been getting weaker, and this is about momentum. She disagrees. He asks if she's saved people for fundraising in the end, and she admits she's pretty well tapped-out. Piers thinks that's a pretty big weakness, but she says it's true for everyone, but maybe no one else is willing to admit it like she is. He asks if she thinks she can win, and she says it's why she's here. Back with Trump, Piers says she was impressive until he asked her about saving her fundraisers and she was tapped out. Trump says that, fortunately, the final isn't all about fundraising. He asks if they've reached consensus or all have different picks. They have a consensus, though Trump may not agree. Trump asks who they choose, and Joan says, "I think we all agree..." Commercials.

Boardroom. Trump's waiting when the four arrive. He tells them they're all stars, talented, smart, cunning, emotional people. He says they're all very different people, who have all done fantastically well. He says his three winners came up with a consensus, and he relies on them very strongly. Trump asks Rich who he'd pick to be in the final two, and Rich says himself (duh) and Marlee, because she's raised $1 million. Lil Jon says he'd pick himself (not as duh) and John Rich. Marlee says she'd pick herself (duh) and John Rich, who has the resources to handle stress, fundraising and intelligence. Meat Loaf says he'd choose himself (duh) and John Rich. Wow. Go John Rich. Trump tells Lil Jon that he fires people for not picking themselves, and his advisers hated Lil Jon's answer when he didn't choose himself to be in the final. So he fires Lil Jon, who post-interviews that making it this far was amazing and he's happy. He has no regrets.

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