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Make 7Up Yours

1980s montage (including a much younger Trump) brings us to Rich's team. Star asks Rich if he'd like an all-over schedule or a day-by-day. He wants day-by-day, and she tells him to give him about thirty minutes. Rich feels like he has a perfect team: Lil Jon will direct the commercial. Star will handle logistics. Mark is a creative guy. They come up with a theme: "7Up Retro: Still keeping it real." Rich says he knows when a hook's going to work, and this one is going to.

Team Marlee. Meat Loaf thinks the 7Up box should be a boom box (isn't that more '80s than '70s) and the can should be a disco ball. She interviews that he took over creatively, but there's so much to do that she has to trust her team. They come up with a theme: "7Up Retro: Feel the love." Everyone likes it. Marlee has Hatch pose with his shirt open in a disco pose for their graphics. She then asks the designer to make him thinner. Which he does.

Team Rich. Mark's going off on some nutty rant about zebra and polka-dots being very '80s. He wants it to be a new-wave '80s can. Rich likes it, though, because it's crazy like Van Halen pants. Lil Jon says they don't want to go too crazy with the can. He says he has a lot of experience in the beverage industry and knows what the hell he's doing with this. They all like the black and white zebra-stripe. Mark says he can't think of a more '80s print than that. Star agrees, then interviews that she loves being the only woman on the team because the guys respect her, take care of her, and she has a huge crush on John Rich. There's immense flirting going on and some hugging. John Rich interviews that Star Jones told him if he wasn't married, she'd want to date him. When he says it, a picture falls off the wall behind with a loud bang. He turns and sees it, and laughs hysterically. Because it's like the universe's response to that possibility.

Team Marlee. Ivanka enters and asks about the concept. Meat Loaf goes ahead and fills her in, so Ivanka tells him to be careful since he got in trouble for filling in last time. He says he didn't, and asks Marlee, who says "No. You're just very energetic." Ivanka's happy with their can design, but she's worried about Marlee being dominated by Meat Loaf again. She hopes she can reign him in while allowing him to be creative. Ivanka then heads to Team Rich. She asks if he's a big Def Leppard fan, and he says he is. Ivanka notes that he has a talented, musical team and Def Leppard, but they'll have to see how they execute it. She likes their zebra can, and thinks they're remarkably organized.

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