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Back at Team Marlee, Meat Loaf and La Toya are heading out for costumes while Marlee and Hatch focus on design and graphics. After he's gone, they get rid of the boom box idea, which was too complex (and Meat Loaf's gone). Marlee notably says that she's project manager, and Meat Loaf isn't. Which tells you she is seeing herself here as the project manager and not as what she is: the only person actually competing here. She should have zero guilt about making an executive decision, but you can tell it's really stressing her to make the change. Hatch loves it, though.

Team Rich. Star wants to know what type of people they want for casting, and Lil Jon says they can't know until he comes up with a concept. Lil Jon's really tired as he's working on the commercial, and Rich is pretty annoyed that he doesn't have the same urgency as everyone else. Mark starts to get panicky that there's no concept, so he offers one up. He says the concept is '80s icon auditions with Madonna impersonator, Prince impersonator, then a hair metal guy. They all bomb, but the hair metal guy walks away, takes a sip of 7Up, then turns back and is an '80s icon. "7Up Retro. Still keeping it real." Rich loves it.

Team Marlee. La Toya and Meat Loaf return. They love the poster, but Meat Loaf's not happy that the box isn't a boom box. Hatch explains that making it into a boom box took away from anything connecting it to the whole theme. Meat Loaf goes to Marlee and says he thinks they're making a huge, giant mistake because Ivanka thought it was a great idea. He says they want to go away from what they're doing, so making the box and the can different from each other is a good idea. Hatch interviews that Marlee needs to put a stop to Meat Loaf controlling things or it's going to get ugly. Marlee tells Meat Loaf the box didn't look good, plus her charity is deaf people and a boom box doesn't make sense there. Meat Loaf tells her to think about the whole marketplace. She says it didn't look good. He interviews that they're missing the mark on the box, and she could lose the entire game on that.

Team Rich. They try to come up with '80s icons who they might actually be able to get for the commercial. He suggests Pauly Shore, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson. He says he thinks he could get Dee Snider from Twisted Sister. Mark loves that, because he says he looks the same as he did in the '80s, too. Rich calls Dee Snider, who seems to actually know him; he calls him "J.R." Dee Snider seems to love the idea, but he says he's sporting a huge fu-manchu right now, like a biker in the Village People, because he's doing Rock of Ages on Broadway. It's in his contract that he can't shave it. And he can't look like Twisted Sister with the moustache. He's going to talk to his producers and see if they'll let him shave. Mark thinks they could put white paint on a fu-manchu, but Rich says that's just not Twisted Sister.

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