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The vurrrry fahshunable wahhding

At Mosaic, the discussion over being the PM has become contentious, because Kelly isn't thrilled that the rest of the team won't just roll over when he says he wants to do it. Coming as it does with the free exemption next week if you win, Kelly really shouldn't expect other people to just go along, but he does. Andy is the one most resistant, saying that he wants it, too, so they can either give it to him or they can draw for it. "We're not handing it over to you," Maria snots, and Andy shrugs that that's fine; they can draw for it, then. Yeah, seriously. Why would you hand the reins to Andy when last time, all he did was bring you a decisive victory based almost entirely on his ability to outthink the rest of you? Please, that would be much too obvious. Maria makes this annoyed little head-shaking face like she can't believe Andy won't just give it up so that Kelly can lead them, and she shakes the names in her hand to be drawn. Andy voices over that for whatever reason, the team tried to run over him, and he didn't allow it. He reiterates that the exemptions get more important every week, and he feels like he's perfectly capable of getting the win. See? That's a kid who's willing to bet on himself, and that's why I think he's going to do well at whatever he winds up doing, once he files down a few of his more annoying quirks. Sandy picks Kelly's name, and Kelly gloats, all, "Good pick." I hate him. A lot. Andy nods.

More skyline porn as night turns to morning. The phone rings and Kelly answers it in a towel, which, fine, but nothing to write home about. Rhona tells him that they're to meet Trump at Tavern on the Green at 9:00. Generic rich-snob music plays as we take in the pastoral setting of the location, and then the contestants gather on the little terrace. Trump, Carolyn, and George file in, and Trump greets the group. He welcomes George back (George!) and tells the group that one of the special things about Tavern on the Green is that it hosts a wedding at least once a week. "I know something about weddings, unfortunately," Trump says, making a desperate and unsuccessful attempt at self-deprecating humor, something he is about as well-suited for as he is for street hockey. He says the wedding industry is worth $30 billion a year, and he calls on Sandy -- the bridal shop owner -- to confirm the figure, which she happily does. Trump explains that in the task this week, they'll take an empty space and create a bridal shop. Chris looks instantly ill. "You hear that, Sandy?" Trump says, and she grins. Trump acknowledges that she has a big advantage in the task, which is of course a double-edged sword, because...well, imagine if they lost. (NOT LIKELY!) Anyway, they'll have four hours, from 5:00 to 9:00, to hold a sale in their space, and whichever team gets the most profit out of those four hours will win. Losers to the Boardroom, or didn't you guess that part?

Trump and the Viceroys take off. "You have got to be kidding," Sandy giggles to her team. Kelly tells us that he has a "ringer" on his team, because this is Sandy's business. Apex looks, in the post-reveal moments, just as unhappy as Mosaic looks happy. Chris interviews all about Sandy's "huge advantage" coming from the industry at issue, and how this makes his team the little underdogs angling for the big victory. They're like the Mighty Ducks of bridal boutique ownership, only without Emilio Estevez, and preferably with an older Joshua Jackson, since I always feel kinda skeevy when I can already see how cute he is in a movie made when he was, like, twelve. (I know, I know, keep your Miss Alli LeTourneau jokes to yourselves.)

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