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The vurrrry fahshunable wahhding

Back at the suite, Wes and Maria get the call from the rest of the team about the dresses they have, and the fact that they'll need to pick the dresses up later in a cargo van. Wes hits the nail on the head in an interview in which he explains that Kelly carefully covered himself by going off with Sandy to "supervise" her part of things, while leaving Wes and Maria alone so that if anything went wrong with marketing, he could blame them. Maria now takes us through her conversation with, in which she gets the scoop that the email will go out to about 23,000 people. She says that the women on the email list are "absolutely [their] target market." She says she thinks that's a very good way to spend $1000 of their money, which is what it's costing to send the email. We then see Maria reviewing the email on the computer, and not to go all Zapruder on your asses, but you'll notice that she's looking at it in Explorer, not in Word or anything like that like you would expect if she were working on creating it, and there's an email open underneath the ad she's looking for. And the Explorer document she has open is one of those long ones that looks like she's looking at an attachment sent to her by And then Maria says, "Thank you so much; it's approved." And it has no phone number on it. So...I'm just saying, it looks to me like the site sent her back the ad to approve, and she opened it, and she approved it, and it had no phone number on it. Or at least that they were sending her versions to look at, whether or not this was the final-final. Anyway, Wes says that he and Maria have a lot of responsibility, because if nobody comes to the sale, nobody is going to buy anything. He is so smart. It's no wonder Private Wealthy People hire him to be their Private Wealth Manager.

At Apex, things are bleak. They're actually all sitting around on the floor reading magazines, and Chris is the most miserable of all. They've gone from the Mighty Ducks to...the Washington Generals. And that is just too bad. Jen suggests that if they actually visited with vendors instead of just calling them, they might get more help. Ivana says, in her inimitable way, that they need to "map out a game plan." Chris is like, "Oh, all RIGHT," and he grudgingly agrees to do some work, just in case sitting around on his ass doesn't do the trick. Jen says that, in part because Chris was in such a mood, they decided to split up and go see some vendors. The team leaves, as Chris reiterates that he finds the task "friggin' ridiculous." Jen and Chris go and meet with some dress vendors, and she explains that she was trying to be positive, and that Chris had absolutely no interest in doing anything with this task, and no interest at all in the bridal industry. She says that they managed to set up about six vendors, so they had managed to get that part on track.

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