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Elsewhere, Ivana and Kevin meet with a lovely woman named Bernadette, who has her own bridal queendom, apparently. Ivana says that she and Kevin tossed in little questions for Bernadette along the way so that they could learn something about the business. Kevin asks Bernadette how she would go about promoting it if she were in their shoes, and then after explaining what the space is like, he invites Bernadette over to the space to have a look. She agrees.

Evening. As Chris and Jen are apparently lounging around doing nothing in the sale space, Ivana and Kevin drop by with Bernadette. Ivana says that they used Bernadette as their expert -- "our Sandy," as she puts it. Now there's a piece of terminology I wouldn't have seen coming: "Sandy" for "expert." Soon, "Maria" will mean "composed." Bernadette takes the team around, offering advice about how to set the space up to make the brides comfortable and happy. Chris praises Bernadette for all the guidance she was able to offer them, and says that he's now "pretty confident." She takes off, and agrees that she'll see them tomorrow. I don't think they deserve Bernadette, those slackers.

That night, the rest of Mosaic returns to the suite with its load of dresses, as Sandy interviews that they were "on a roll." However, when she got a look at the marketing piece, it wasn't quite what she wanted. Now, the printout she looks at is indeed slightly different from what Maria was looking at earlier, in that it has a different line about the "Special Offer" of a free veil for the first 20 people. I'm sure that'll be a hell of a great veil. There's a fine line between the regular kind of "filmy" and the kind that's good for keeping out mosquitoes, you know. Furthermore, you'll note that Mosaic has this advertised as a "sample sale," not just an "expo" or whatever. Sandy laments that on the email that went out, there is no phone number to make appointments. Kelly calls Maria about this, and Maria says that there was a phone number on the one she approved. "She took it out without any approval," Maria claims. Considering that on no version of this that we've seen has there ever appeared to be a phone number, I am so not buying that. Kelly, as usual, already knows who he'll be blaming, and says that if things go badly tomorrow, it will be largely on Maria for failing to get the phone number on there. Not that you really need a phone number to advertise a sample sale, so...whatever. As I've said before, these teams love nothing more than finding the goat of the week.

Mosaic loads its dresses into a rental truck, and as Wes and Kelly drive through the streets of New York in the truck, Kelly complains in an interview about Wes being a lousy driver. On one hand, it does appear that Wes makes some mistakes, but on the other hand, every time I'm in New York, I find myself incredibly glad that I never try to drive there ever, because everything is so narrow and nasty and intimidating, so I feel for Wes as well. And that's not even mentioning my general fear of parallel parking. Anyway, Wes does eventually wind up scraping the side of a pickup truck, so I suppose Kelly's complaints aren't totally unfounded. I hope they left a note. Kelly interviews that now he realized that Wes might also be able to be blamed, because what if they outsell the competition but Wes blows all their money fixing cars he's hit? Oh, blah dee blah, whatever. Shut up and do the task and stop thinking constantly about whom you're going to put on the hook. The truck pulls up at the store space, and they even have a little trouble getting the back of the truck open, and when they do, they find that the dresses have tipped over. Fortunately, it appears to be a "no harm, no foul" situation, as the dresses are all right, and the guys think it's fine as long as Sandy doesn't find out. Heh.

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