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It is evening inside Mosaic-Mart, and people are getting punchy. Wes and Maria are fooling around with the dresses, Kelly is laughing, Maria is putting one over her head and fantasizing about marrying someone incredibly boring who will buy her presents and not mind that she's not a great conversationalist, and Sandy is looking stressed, because it's Sandy who's going to look like the biggest buffoon ever if they lose. Sandy asks to talk to Kelly outside, and he follows her out. She tells him that she feels like everybody else is just standing around expecting her to do everything, and it's kind of bumming her out. She's also very frustrated that she handed off to Maria and Wes what should have been a great marketing strategy, and she feels like they booted it by failing to include any contact information. She snots in an interview that all she can do is set up the store, and if nobody shows up, the team just won't win. Kelly tells her a lot of bland crap about how it will all be fine, and he and Sandy go back inside. In other news, Sandy uses the words "rock it out" to describe the team's performance in other tasks, and that must stop immediately.

Day. Apex Corporation, believe it or not, has chosen to come to Grand Central Station to hand out flyers for their sale. That's their idea of marketing. And they really are just standing there with arms full of pink flyers, handing them out indiscriminately to whomever is walking by. Because nothing gets your attention in New York like someone trying to hand you something on the street. (By the way, the best tip I picked up when I was in New York most recently: the Messiah is coming. I learned this from a guy on the subway, so it must be true. Just thought I'd let you know, in case you have anything planned.) Chris explains that he and Kevin hit Grand Central while Jen and Ivana went to Penn Station. Apparently, they are doing this under the impression that they will hit the Venn diagram in the tiny crossover between people who are about to get married, people who are in the train station, and people who will accept a flyer while seeking public transportation in New York. That last one alone will basically narrow it down to people who arrived in town less than ten minutes ago, because everyone else already knows to ignore people who try to hand you stuff. "This is definitely going to get people down [to the sale]," Chris says confidently. The editors show us what they think of this idea by cutting directly to a pink flyer sitting in the trash. And then we watch Jen and Ivana for a minute, as Jen tells us she thinks they did "a really good job" with marketing. And God bless the camera guy who gets the shot that immediately follows of a muddy sneaker stomping a pink flyer in a puddle of dirty water. Because...exactly. If you've ever observed things being handed out on the street, you know that ten feet down from the hander-outer, you'll see the giant wad of discarded ones. That's why the sidewalks of Vegas are littered with those hooker trading cards. Because nobody wants to say an outright "No" to the guy standing there smacking the cards on his hand and going, "She can be in your room in TEN MINUTES!"

The morning of the sale finds Mosaic splitting up again, as Maria, Sandy, and Andy go to try to fix the problem with the email, while he goes out with Wes to pick up the rest of the dresses. At the offices of, Maria snots to the rep that she remembers talking to them about the phone number, but the final email didn't include it. Sandy asks if it's possible that they could send a new email with the contact information. The rep says she will send another email, but you never know if anybody will get it before the sale, and she wants to say on her own behalf that she thinks they had plenty of approval on the ad. I think the bottom line is that she'll redo it for them as a favor, but she's not eating the blame for getting it wrong, because I think she had the final version approved by Maria, and she's not interested in being this week's blame target. Sandy says in an interview that, indeed, it appeared that Maria was caught lying, because she swore that she had given the woman the cell phone number, and the woman was quite confident she'd had the final copy approved. Sandy hates it when people don't -- you guessed it -- "take accountability." Which is not a phrase. Geeee-yod.

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