Runaway Pride

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The vurrrry fahshunable wahhding

Apex sets up its sad little store. They're arranging their dresses, bridesmaid stuff, accessories...and Jen is still handing out flyers out on the sidewalk. But...oh, it's George who's approaching. Inside, he asks them what they did to advertise besides hand out pink flyers. The only thing they have to offer is that they're having the front windows painted. No, really. That's it. Indeed, we observe the window-painting, and it's...nice, for window-painting. I think George has hit the nail on the head that advertising through handing out crappy little flyers is not a great way to motivate consumers unless you're trying to get them to join the Workers' Party. Kevin interviews that he thinks they have a shot, because they have some good vendors. Not that anyone will be present to buy anything.

Over at Mosaic...oh, look. There are probably 40 women waiting outside when the sale is getting ready to start. "The marketing produced very strong results," Wes says. Hard to argue with. Sandy heads outside to open the doors, and welcomes all of the brides to the sale. Inside, one woman tells Wes she hates sleeves. "Who likes sleeves?" he says agreeably. Uh, okay. Wes is later seen mingling with the women in line, apparently slotted to enter in groups, and it's probably a good idea to send your hottie out there to hang out. Wait, is that Sars, pretending to be a bride and talking up Wes in line? I'm almost certain I see her tattoo in that shot. I was wondering why she was wearing that tiara the last time I saw her. ["It's not 'pretending' if I'm going to be Wes's bride, is it?" -- Yeah, yeah, Sars knows he's already married…FOR NOW]

Meanwhile at Apex, there is music that comes to a horn-dominated climax as Ivana opens the doors, and...there are two people waiting outside. Two. Not only that, but they may be together, and thus they may only really represent one bride. Ivana orients the "crowd" to the way the store is arranged. The poor little shoppers, Orange Tank Top and Gray Tank Top, wander around, undoubtedly feeling a lot of pressure since there are more people working at this sale than shopping at it. A few more folks show up over the course of the sale, one of whom is trying on a tiara. Jen, in what looks like her old "we did a good job papering an ordinarily indifferent New York" interview, says that if they have dresses but no customers, it's all for nothing. Which...exactly.

At Mosaic, Wes is flirting with a bride (AHEM) and sending her in with Andy to shop. "Enough talking, let's go!" Andy says, taking her in. Heh. They're pretty good at that routine, those two guys. Inside, one of the sellers is explaining that one of the dresses is normally a $3200 dress, now on sale for $500. Which really is pretty good. A girl in glasses picks out a dress, and the seller even gives a little boogie move of triumph. If I'm the bride, that move makes me think she just unloaded something on me that she has worked hard to get rid of, but perhaps I would be so happy that I would be all bleary-eyed with tears. Wes tells another one she looks like "a little princess." Uh, yeah. Not so much with that, except that he's so dorky and awkward that it might come around to being cute again out of pure cluelessness. Kelly tells us that they're up to 16 or 17 dresses sold. Somebody's mom (I believe) actually does cry, looking at her daughter in the dress. Heh. They close up the store, and Wes interviews that, honestly, Sandy was a great help, but you never know. The other team could have set themselves up with an expert who would have helped them as well. He's not at all convinced that their win is secure yet. And good for him.

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