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And then Trump goes down this really stupid path of saying that Alex was "a star" (WHAT?) right up until "he met these two losers." Jesus. He tells them that there's a saying that hanging out with a loser will make you a loser, and that's apparently what happened to Alex. It's really fucking irritating the way he's suddenly making such a grand production out of the name-calling, but then Trump sends them out into the lobby to wait while he talks to Carolyn and NotGeorge. "Great, we're losers," Angie sighs in the lobby.

While they all wait outside, Carolyn says that she's not sure Chris is doing anything, he has excuses for everything, and she'd fire him. Go, Carolyn! Michelle, on the other hand, thinks Angie was horrible on the presentation, which was "a disaster." Boo, NotGeorge! You're not George at all! George would want to fire Alex for being so totally incompetent and delegating...apparently, everything! Come back, George! Trump calls for the team to be sent back in. Once they're there, Alex and Chris gang up once again, just as they did last week, with Alex saying that they didn't lose because of Chris's lost Visa card; they lost because of the presentation. So, of course, Angie is to blame. Trump asks what Angie did wrong, and when Alex doesn't immediately respond to Trump's "did she choke?" demand, he goes back to it: "DID SHE CHOKE?" Angie raises her hand and says that she knows this was her weakest performance. She also says, however, that the presentation sucking was not entirely her fault, given that they didn't get there on time, and she had way too much to do. Trump turns to Chris and says, "Do you believe this? You may escape." "'Escape'?" Chris says loudly and incredulously. "I shouldn't be fired by any -- by any means, I had nothing to do with the presentation." Now there's a novel argument. "I was so busy cleaning up after the shit I caused on Day One that I was too busy to be in any way involved in the fiasco of Day Two!" Can't wait to try that one out myself. Chris, barely restraining what I again find to be a really creepy sort of anger, dismissively says that the presentation was terrible, and that's why they lost, because they "went to the executives with crap." "But if you'd been there, do you think you could have helped?" asks NotGeorge. Chris goes on to say that 45 minutes wouldn't have done anything. Since when was it 45 minutes? How did that happen? It was clearly more than that -- he admitted to waiting at Best Buy alone for more than an hour, and he agreed with Angie's earlier statement that he was gone for two and a half hours. The hell? And who's to say 45 minutes wouldn't have helped Angie immeasurably in getting ready for the presentation? What if he'd been there to make sure the models got all the clothes over to American Eagle? Shut up, Chris.

Trump asks Chris if he thinks he's responsible for the loss, and Chris says he thinks he's partly responsible. Well, that's a sudden change of heart. Carolyn moves to Alex, asking whether Angie was left enough time to prepare for the presentation. Alex says she was, and that she "cracked under pressure." Carolyn isn't buying, pointing out that Angie hasn't cracked in the past; why would she do it now? And then Carolyn asks my favorite question: "So what was your job, Alex?" Alex says that it was to "make sure that everyone was taken care of." Carolyn points out that everything wasn't taken care of -- basically, everything failed. Trump, however, moves on to asking Alex whether he prefers Angie or Chris overall, and Alex goes with Chris, because "Chris has talent." He goes on to say that Chris held his temper much better this week, not that Alex would know this, considering that Chris was out of the picture…and not that Chris didn't just lose his temper thirty seconds ago. Trump says that he doesn't really want to deal with people's tempers, and he thinks that Chris has a problem with it. He asks if this has gone on over the course of Chris's life, and Chris admits that it has. Trump tells him that he doesn't want to deal with a person with a bad temper. He turns to Alex and says he's been so good, he was just "brought down by these two people." Good Lord, the man is inconsistent. Does the name Pamela mean anything to him, do you suppose?

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