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And now for something completely...uhh...

But then Trump moves to Angie, calls her a loser again, tells her that she's been on all these losing teams, and accuses her of "choking" on the presentation. "Do you agree that you choked?" he demands. "Yes, sir," she says. "Angie, you're fired," he says. That jerkweed. God.

Alex and Chris look pleased. The team leaves and goes to the lobby. Carolyn looks horrified, quite frankly, and there are no conciliatory words among Trump and the viceroys this week. Angie expresses disbelief as she says goodbye to Chris and Alex, and then she heads into the down elevator, muttering, "I can't believe that." There is only Trump, talking to himself, saying, "I don't want chokers working for me." Bleh. Every once in a while, the man has a day on which I find him even more distasteful than usual, and this was definitely one of them.

In her taxi interview, Angie bitches about being fired, says she can't believe she was fired, and manages to be both entirely correct and very annoying. "It's fine," she says, and it's not, but...okay.

Next week: Chris freaks. Some more. There is basketball. Wheeee!

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