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At any rate, Trump tells the teams to "have fun," and they leave. But not before we zoom in on a poster for the Trump Collection. (Motto: "Unrelenting pimping never goes out of fashion.") (Scrawled under the motto on every poster in the building: "UNLIKE WIVES.")

Net Worth has a meeting back at the L-Pal. Carolyn sits in as Alex explains that he's "feeling this," and he wants to be the PM. Alex is a dandy, people. He starts babbling on about the excitement he feels for fashion design, and the fear of him that begins to waft from Chris is palpable. You can tell Chris no longer wants to turn his back on Alex unless he knows exactly where Alex's hands are. Oh, and the first idea Alex floats is a sport coat you can slide your laptop into. Like, down the back., that'll create a nice line, and the giant rectangular bulge on your back won't unnerve people on the subway at all. Chris interviews that Alex is "a self-proclaimed metrosexual." Chris tightly defines a metrosexual as "a male that embraces their feminine side more so than other males." Uh...well said! Not really accurate, but I'm not sure he could have come up with a way to explain that that would have more efficiently communicated his stark terror regarding the possibility that he might accidentally hang out with a gay guy and not know it.

Alex tells Angie that he thinks she'd be "awesome" for the presentation. They decide that Chris will hold the money, and Angie will be in charge of the presentation. It makes sense, because Alex is supposedly managing, and you don't want Chris in charge of the presentation unless you want to risk having food flung into the crowd if he becomes frustrated, so that leaves...Angie.

The rain falls, and New Yorkers hide under their umbrellas, doing the complicated ballet they do in which people try to avoid hitting each other in the eye with the metal ribs. (It's actually super-impressive, no fooling.) Magna hops into a couple of cabs, and Tana tells us that when they get to wherever they're going, they're going to find out what the gadgets are that are hottest with the "kids." She explains to us that she became the PM because she was the only one with business experience that involved clothing. Magna heads into an American Eagle store (natch), where they start bugging some guys who are innocently shopping. Asked what gadgets are most popular with their demographic, the guys mention the ubiquitous cell phone. You can imagine Tana and Kendra obediently scribbling, "" Which is going to make them look good later, but...isn't it kind of stupid, really? Anyway, Tana asks a young woman where would be the best place to store an iPod. The woman offers the incredibly novel suggestion of a belt clip. Wow, that's...radical. Imagine it! Your personal audio player! On a belt clip! Good thing they did their research, because that back-of-the-neck thing would have bombed, dude. And then Tana goes up to one kid and says, "Would you, since you're a man, ever want anything in the bottom?" Um. Wow. The kid looks a bit stricken, as you can imagine you might, and then says, "Oh, the pants?" Tana confirms. You know, you just have to be so careful. He tells them he doesn't actually care for bulky stuff in his pockets. Kendra confirms that they felt like it was very important to talk to their potential customers before they made final decisions about what to design.

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