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Net Worth. Chris is headed into Best Buy to try to get back the credit card. He voices over, in the way of a major heap of excuses, that he "left the credit card at Best Buy." He adds, "I didn't lose anything!" Guess what, pumpkin: If you had it, and you don't have it now, and you couldn't put your hands on it if I asked you to, you lost it. Now take your Flintstones' chewable over there and settle down. Look -- Dino! Inside the store, Chris waits while the manager goes into the safe, but the little pile of credit cards with which the manager emerges does not include Chris's card. Chris calls it "a high-pressure situation" in which he normally would have been looking for a nicotine fix, but he tells us proudly that he didn't. He claims, however, that he's "quit cold turkey," and "it's not that bad." He goes on to say, with some pride, that he finds he's "less aggressive" since he gave up chewing. And then we watch as he turns to the Best Buy guy he's waiting with. "I hope they find the credit card so I don't have to find an aluminum bat and break somebody's kneecaps," he says. So the message from the editing staff to you is, "The quitting's going awesome, isn't it? Uh...don't mind us; we're just cuttin' tape! La la la..."

Magna. Bren is showing off his idea for a shirt with a pocket in the front to hold your Game Boy. Tana, meanwhile, is explaining that she put together a special Wearable Tech logo to attach to all their clothes, just to identify them as part of the group. That's probably a really good idea, especially for a presentation. One point for Tana! Of, like, normalcy! Craig then keeps up the bragging when he explains that he and Bren churned out three designs really quickly. One is apparently a white track-suit-type jacket that I think is actually pretty sharp. Craig complains, unsurprisingly, that Kendra was pokey in doing the women's designs. We watch as she seems to be pondering quite a bit. Kendra tries to tell the group that design and that sort of thing isn't really her strong suit. Craig interviews about how she should have "shut up" if she's not creative, but...I'm not sure how supportive he would have been if she had just said, "I'm bad at this, so I won't be participating." Kendra goes on to interview that Craig "pushes [her] buttons," and she further complains that her blood sugar was low. Wow, blood sugar? Talk about the last refuge of the hopelessly bitchy. Tana takes over and interviews that she didn't "want any babies here." No hypoglycemics, either! Certainly is getting pretty full of herself, there, not that the company she's keeping couldn't make one feel that way. Tana gets the team moving again, so at least Craig and Kendra will stop fighting.

Seamstresses work on Net Worth's clothing. As Angie explains, the design and creation of the clothes was more involved than she thought, because unlike, say, the toy designers of tasks past, these designers didn't just take the idea off to their Designers' Lair and execute it. Instead, they had the team answer every specific question about zipper here or zipper there, all that stuff. Angie already looks rather tired as she surveys a list of tasks that Alex has written on a big standing easel. Indeed, under Chris's name, there are a couple of tasks each written under "Men's Jacket" and "Board Shorts," and that's all Chris has. Then under Angie's name, there are four or five tasks each listed under "Girl Hat," "Girl iPod Jacket," and "Presentation." And then under Alex's name, there is "Belt Buckle," and there is the single task, "Decide how to attach." Mm-hmm. Don't strain yourself, there, Mr. Bling. Angie interviews that she probably bit off more than she should have. She shakes her head as she surveys the list.

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